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Gym Launch IT Research & Development Specialist - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Albuquerque
Date: 05 Mar 2018
Category: Systems / Network

It's 10:07pm on a Tuesday night and I'm still in my office working!

I own a rapidly growing sales business that I started a year and a half ago and recently relocated to Albuquerque.

I'm stuck working late again tonight because I've just got too many things to do ---- we have onboarded over 33 new clients in the past 10 days and my team needs help! We need someone to research and build out systems for our clients to use! Can you help us out?

Are you somebody who's superb at handling details...a loyal, hardworking behind-the-scenes type person who always follows-through and almost never misses a productive that your last employer considered hiring two people to replace you after you left...a strong developer with superb computer skills...comfortable in small business environment where priorities can change quickly...a super-organized get-it-done type person who's also very good on the phone talking with people?

If so, we should talk because you might be the IT research and development specialist I'm looking for (flexible hours). The pay is negotiable and there is no dress code since you work from home :p

Your role will consist of theorizing, clarifying, designing, developing, implementing, and improving new client-facing products and projects at Gym Launch. You are expected to provide sound technical insight in the Research & Development of new products, traffic sources, and projects on the R&D team at Gym Launch.

We expect you to be well-versed in current technological trends and familiar with all products our company releases so you can best help idealize, test, implement & build new products/systems and report back accurate data to the CEO and rest of the R&D team on best methods to increase client success.

You will also help educate the rest of the tech team on new client-facing projects and products you participate in building as well as the continuing innovation within our company, resulting in their increase of comprehension in our products and projects from your team.

-- Discover and implement new product technologies that yield competitive advantage
-- Uncover opportunities for new products and propose designs to R&D team
-- Test and develop new traffic sources, marketing methods, and projects alongside R&D team
-- Build quality assurance and data protection processes within your products and projects
-- Continue to gain client feedback on products and insist on improvements to be made
-- Assist CEO with project management and development pipeline so all projects are moved along development pipeline in a timely fashion. AKA remaining as a POC for all parties involved in product development outside of Gym Launch
-- Use owners' feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology
-- Suggest training tools to enhance team performance and skill development around these products
-- Help customer-facing tech team to learn and implement new products released by R&D team
-- Use Asana as base to relay all project/product progress as well as daily/ongoing tasks so operational team can estimate accommodations accurately

-- Weekly Progress Report is filled out and delivered to assistant of CEO each Friday by 5pm PST
-- All new product releases and changes to existing products are clearly communicated to proper parties (R&D vs. Operations)
-- Asana remains up to date day by day
-- Client facing products remain up-to-date (videos/tutorials/etc...)
-- Systems work seamlessly and there is little hiccup for client facing experience regarding all products
-- All products are thoroughly tested and perfected prior to release and all phases are documented thoroughly
Uses customer and employee feedback to suggest improvements to CEO and suggests new opportunities for products and innovation
-- Tech team is efficient in new technology and 1 hour per month is dedicated to growth & learning given to that team revolving around the product released most recently
-- Any new systems purchased or tested on behalf of the company for R&D purposes must be set up with at least 2 administrators, with login credentials or recovery details noted in some central/accessible location

-- Efficient with all integrated platforms within company
-- Ability to conduct technological analyses and research
-- Excellent communication skills
-- Strategic thinking
-- Great client facing communication skills
-- Ability to work under high stress and pressing deadlines
-- Problem-solving aptitude
-- Ability to learn quickly and execute at high level with speed

Salary: $45k

If this sounds like YOU, then go ahead and apply here:

PLEASE apply THROUGH THE LINK. Any emails or applicants who don't apply through the link above automatically disqualify.
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