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Digital Media Intern- to work with new Geotargeting Digital Division - art / media / design - job employment

City: Detroit metro
Date: 02 Mar 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

Dmedia5: We are looking for qualified candidates with a High Level of Self-Motivation and Business Savvy to provide client and sales support for digital media division.

Tenacity, love for new media and motivation a must.

The ideal candidate should possess the following skills:

- Extreme Motivation
- A college degree or nearly complete
- Good interpersonal skills
- Polished verbal and written skills
- The ability to understand and demonstrate digital media necessity for trends

Intern position with additional commission potential. This is a contract position, with no salary and no benefits. Field and/ or Tele-sales positions available. Work from home optional.

Contact information:
Jason Verbrugghe

Send resume and letter of commitment to:
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Or [email protected]
dprohealthcare .com

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