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Remote, part-time, freelance python coder - internet engineering - job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 25 Feb 2018
Category: Internet Engineers

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I need your help with various data-oriented projects. You'll work with large amounts of unstructured data to perform analysis to investigate and identify patterns to tell a story about the data. There might eventually be some machine learning at times, but the majority of work will involve pandas, SQL, ETL, data wrangling, and web services. The closer you are to being a full-stack developer, the better.

I don't expect you've worked with fancy technologies like Hive, Presto, Kafka, etc. However, I need you to have the desire and confidence to figure it out, mostly by your lonesome.

Please send your resume and ask questions. I will provide feedback within a few hours.


We're looking for a Python "expert" (ok, maybe just a someone that really loves Python). We work with different clients, so one month you might be analyzing some AT&T business data, and the next month you might be re-writing some code for a scanning tunneling microscope (STM).

We're a small company, but we've landed gigs serving some big brands. In general, our company is on two tracks. We run a consulting company that helps other companies solve their problems, whatever those might be. And, we are building a war chest to self-fund a series of startups. If you like a startup environment, then this might be a good fit.


Work from anywhere (work hours should roughly align with rest of US-based team)
Paid vacation
Laptop allowance (after 6 months)
Work with other good people

Skills Needed

Data wrangling experience in Python
Advanced SQL, CTEs, nested queries, different joins types
Unit tests, test-driven development
Source control, git, GitHub
Experience deploying code to at least one cloud provider
Experience with analyzing data to debug or figure out patterns


Must be a good person. Humble, yet confident in your abilities, and able to work through both merge conflicts and people conflicts.

Sure, it'd be great if you have all the enterprise-grade training in every possible technology already. But, all we really need is a smart person with just enough of an experience match, so long as you also have the grit and ability to google till you figure out whatever problem is in front of you.

Rate: $45-$60/hr + equity options on product launches

Coding Test

Coding Question

Interview Questions

What do you know about PEP 8?

What is the best way to instruct a script to run a particular version of Python?

Do you know how to use a requirements.txt file when you see one in a code repo?

How do you classify your senior-ness as a developer? What are your development strengths?

Do you prefer working directly with the business people? Or do you find it's best to have a go-between run interference?

Have you worked with any of the cloud providers (Heroku, AWS, Azure, Google)?

Can you explain what DevOps and/or continuous integration is, and some of the benefits?

Are you technology agnostic? Or are you pretty strict when it comes to things like Mac vs Windows, or AWS vs Azure?

What are some of your more advanced SQL querying abilities?

What are some of the largest data sets you've worked with?

Can you explain the diff b/t relational databases and NoSQL? What are some NoSQL platforms that you have familiarity with?

Can you explain GPG, SSL or public/private key encryption?

Do you know anything about "secure coding" practices?

Have you ever done a pull request?

Can you authenticate to GitHub using SSH?

Why would you need to use NumPy?

Do you have any training or experience with statistical methods like regression, GLMs or experiment design and analysis?

Have you ever developed a web service? Can you explain what REST sorta kinda means?

Do you have experience with either django or flask? Do you have a preference?

How enthusiast would you be if we asked to pay you to take some training courses on Udemy?

What is your favorite text editor?

How many of these platforms / languages / frameworks do you have experience with? Node Typescript Angular / React / Vue Spark Hadoop SQL Excel Python Pandas R Linux Mac Windows Jasmine unittest Docker Kubernetes .NET C# Go PostgreSQL MySQL SQL Server bash shell scripts PowerShell MongoDB Tableau / PowerBI / data visualization tools Azure AWS Google Cloud Platform

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