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Financial Educators - Part or Full time - accounting / finance - job employment

City: Phoenix
Date: 13 Feb 2018
Category: Accounting & Finance

Five Rings Financial is similar to Merrill Lynch except that we work with all Americans instead of just the wealthy.

11 years ago we created a class called Money 101 to teach "How Money Works" because we all go to school for 12 to 16 years and never learn the basic fundamentals of investing.

We specialize in Indexed Savings Vehicles and Annuities that guarantee our clients safety of principal as well as a reasonable interest rate per year.

We are now the fastest growing company in the industry. Represented by over 4,500 people in 42 states and looking for an awesome person to add to Team Texas!

Five Reasons to Choose a Career with Five Rings Financial

1) Work in a FUN and Exciting Atmosphere with Great People
2) Flexible Schedule Allows a Work/Life Balance
3) Join a crusade to revolutionize an industry and help Millions of Americans!
4) Unlimited Upfront and Residual Income - Earn What You Put into It!
5) Free Trips Around the World (Maui & Ireland 2016)

Average Annual Income:

Part-Time - $31,000 per year
Full-Time - $80,000 per year
Top Performers - $250,000+ per year

If you're interested in interviewing, APPLY online by replying to this ad and you will receive a call from the office of our local Executive VP. .
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