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Medical Assistant - healthcare - job employment

City: Tucson
Date: 12 Feb 2018
Category: Medical / Health


Large Urology practice is hiring a Medical Assistant who will perform clinical and administrative duties under direction of clinic team lead, providing support to team and providers. This position requires sensitivity to others needs, ability to maintain composure, adaptability, reliability, attention to detail and thoroughness in completing work tasks. 

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Prepare patient for examination and treatment. Document patient history, vital signs
  2. Prepare patient chart for clinic including obtaining outside records
  3. Prepare patient rooms with necessary supplies and instruments, ensure rooms are kept clean
  4. Obtain urine specimen and perform routine testing as ordered by provider
  5. Clean and sterilize instruments, dispose of contaminated supplies
  6. Assist physician during procedures
  7. Give instructions and educate patient when needed
  8. Give injection, insert catheter, draw blood, change catheter and dressing as needed
  9. Assist with prescription refills
  10. Assist with obtaining prior authorization
  11. Review PAQ daily
  12. Assist with scheduling of tests and treatments
  13. Assist with patient phone calls and messages, patient portal messages
  14. Complete patient disability paperwork, tumor registry
  15. Ensure patient rooms are stocked with supplies
  16. Maintain patient chart documentation
  17. Exercise problem-solving and conflict resolution skills when handling patient complaints; refer patient complaints to appropriate personnel as needed
  18. Maintain strict patient confidentiality and privacy in accordance with office policies and procedures and HIPAA privacy and security requirements, exercise utmost discretion in patient/staff interactions.
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