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Off-Site Part Time IT Manager - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: San diego
Date: 05 Jan 2018
Category: Systems / Network

A Managed IT Services company in San Diego, CA is looking for a part-time individual with mature set of IT troubleshooting skills but more importantly, they can pick a part technology and write step by step processes for our staff and clients to understand. While having IT certifications are a nice plus, being process oriented with exceptional writing skills is essential. We are willing to pay for more for better skills but creative writing remains at the core.

Our Problem

We have a reliable staff of network engineers and administrators but we remain a small firm until we are big. Our technician grabs all the process oriented tickets and delegates others to the more experienced individuals. We do not have someone other than the owner to manage and write processes; and make sure no client related problems slip through the cracks.

Our Solution

We will provide 5 to 10 hours of work a week and possibly more as we grow. It's possible we could set a fixed schedule of like Tuesday and Thursday. We also will provide additional tasks unrelated to tech support to increase the hours for willing and enthusiastic participants.

Basic Responsibilities include:

- Consume information and take direction correctly. i.e. no mistakes. No constant repeating of directions.
- Configuration, installation and troubleshooting of hardware and peripheral components such as monitors, keyboards, printers, disk drives, PCs, network servers, routers, and firewalls.
- Collaborate and document on small and medium sized technology projects and team member project deliverables
- Ability to diagnose IT and computer systems issues; hardware, software, networking, server, VPN and operator problems.
- Test, Tone, and Mark cables. Cable management is a nice plus.
- Provide technical support both via phone and onsite service during the normal workweek
- Install, remove, test and configure PC operating systems, software and hardware
- Provide user assistance as needed on operating systems, software and hardware usage and procedures
- Provide on-call emergency services after business hours, holiday and weekends as necessary. Not critical but nice plus.

Individuals in the Greater San Diego area and reliable transportation are preferred. Please state your location, provide your resume, and a brief introduction. No attached resume or poorly written resumes will be ignored.
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