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Fintech Credit Entrepreneur - internet engineering - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 03 Jan 2018
Category: Internet Engineers

I am looking for a co-founder - an entrepreneur with knowledge of Fintech, credit analysis, personal loan underwriting and consumer loan collections. You must be technical enough, credible enough and visionary enough to build a winning start-up from the ground. If you sense that you belong in the Golden Age of Fintech, the time is now.

I am a practicing attorney starting a lending platform to connect lenders, clients and lawyers with a Fintech solution that solves the timeless dilemma of the client with an important case but without the funds to meet the lawyer's cash flow requirements. I have the deep domain knowledge, a technical solution and a plan to market the product. The market is huge and the demand for this product is proven. The question is - who will serve the critical role as the credible credit professional as we move toward seeking our Seed Round. Does that person exist?
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