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PRODUCTION COMPANY NEEDS seo, graphics, editors, actors, interns - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 06 Dec 2017
Category: TV / Film / Video

*please read entire post before responding

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: chief seo specialist, digital graphics artists, production assistants, camera operators, video editors, actors, and video internship positions.

I am an independent film maker seeking to build a reliable group of complementary people for the foundation of a successful production company.

Right now the content includes comedy sketches, adventure videos, vlogs, - a little bit of everything, but I plan to shoot larger films with actors and scale up. Help is needed to grow the business. Grow with me, and join a fun work environment and an exciting career in video production.

Some of these positions are part time and sporadic for now, but hours and pay will increase quickly with the success of the positions. BONUS benefits mentioned in positions are a possible percentage of profits coming in to incentivize your efforts and align our interests.



CHEIF SEO SPECIALIST Primary duty is to maximize exposure of all content including videos across channels and web sites. You are the master of content analytics. You know what's working, and what's not. You will seek additional ways through YouTube and other means for optimizing company content and increasing exposure.
Ideal candidate understands tagging or how to identify ideal tags for particular content.
Other duties will be to set up and manage video end screens.

DIGITAL GRAPHICS SPECIALIST primary duty is the creation of title images for videos. If you own Photoshop and are good with it it's a bonus but not necessary. Ideal candidates for this position are creative minded and good at making catchy graphics. A degree in this field is not necessary but a bonus.
APPLICANTS for this position specify whether you'll do just seo or seo AND graphics work, OR just graphics work.
***Both of these positions can be worked at home and don't require commuting, but if you commute to Novato to my office for your shifts you get priority and you will have longer shifts and increased pay. This is to increase productivity and cohesion. This is not necessary. The Overall most ideal candidate(s) will be chosen.

HOURS will be approximately 5-10 / week +/-
PAY 10+/hr depending on skill plus possible bonus benefits


Ideal candidates MUST own video editing software and be adept at using it.
You must be an efficient editor capable of both following directions, and taking your own creative liberties. You will be given editing credits for all projects you've worked on and bonuses for successful job performance. If you apply for this please mention which editing software you own and your level of proficiency with it.

You may work from home from this position but hours and pay may increase if you can commute to Novato. If not no worries. The most ideal candidate will be chosen.

PAY $12.50/hr ++ depending on experience + possible bonus benefits


Responsible for primary or secondary camera work, as well as PA responsibilities during shoots. You'll work under my direction and at times you will be able to take your own creative liberties. You will help taking down and setting up sets, preparing and managing equipment, and assisting in any other capacity during a shoot.
IDEAL CANDIDATES must be willing to commute to North Bay area around Novato for shoots. Shoots may also be in other areas of California. You should have experience using various video cameras and equipment but not necessary.

HOURS currently limited and this position is for heads-up on-call right now, meaning I would give you several days heads up on shoots, and see your availability. Once things get moving, this position will offer many more hours and of course more pay. This position may scale to an assistant director, cinematographer/director of photography position one day.

Compensation: Gas, food, $10++/hr DOE


Unpaid and paid actor positions available DOE.
You will receive credits for your work and may be compensated for driving and other expenses.
IDEAL CANDIDATES live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are excited about doing on-screen work. Seeking all ages and sexes for all types of roles. You may be in my Rolodex for many years to come if you apply for this, and you may have years of continued opportunities.
Types of acting will be scripted comedy, improv comedy, drama, suspense, thriller, horror, etc. If you apply to this tell me what your strengths/weaknesses are, what kind of acting you'd like to do, experience, and **DO INCLUDE a headshot or other photo showing face, and height / languages spoken, accents (if any), and experience.


For the unskilled but passionate.
Hours flexible. Unpaid position, but you may be compensated for gas and time, and may be hired for part or full-time positions.
***You must be willing to commute to Novato.***

IDEAL candidates are excited about gaining experience in video production. You may not have experience but I will show you the ropes or any of the positions above. If you prove yourself capable I may hire you soon. You may choose an internship for any specific position or do a general internship where you are exposed to a variety of positions. A MSA (Marin School of the Arts student or someone who didn't get in would be great!)


Please E-mail subject "VIDEO PRODUCTION"
1. State your first and last name, and which city you reside in. You may attach a photo if you'd like but it's not necessary.
2. Which position(s) you're applying for. You may apply to as many positions you're capable of performing.
3. Briefly state why you're a good candidate for the positions you're applying for.
4. Any additional information you'd like to share or questions you may have.
5. Do you have a pay demand/request?
6. Provide a phone #, best times to reach you, and e-mail address.
7. You may attach a resume and cover letter IF you wish, but you don't need to.

I hope to work with some of you so together we can bring smiles, laughter, and good entertainment into the world!

Best of luck to you all~!
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