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ATTENTION *ALL* LAW STUDENTS / ATTORNEYS - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Buffalo
Date: 05 Dec 2017
Category: legal / paralegal

The photo of the person in the law office is *me*.

This post is intended for law students who have taken, or who are *about* to take their bar exam this upcoming February or afterwards. This is also intended for young attorneys who are sick and tired of working for a law firm where you get garbage pay. If you're working for another attorney, you're basically just a paralegal with a judge's consent to appear. Be your own boss and make some money, that's why you went,or are going, to law school.

I am currently a Litigation Paralegal and part of the Lawyer Apprentice program. I work for the Law Offices of Frank & Francesca Falzone. I have personally tried cases with consent from judges via letters of representation from supervising counsel. I am partnered up with a UB Law graduate however I do not think he has what it takes to pass his bar exam, this is his second try, and he didn't even know Forfeiture by Wrongdoing was a Federal doctrine(FRE 8(a)).

I am willing to offer you the following -- if you have your bar, or are about to take your exam in the future, I offer this:

-I will furnish you with an entire law office, with your name on the front of the plaza as your law office, you just need to take me on as your paralegal.

-You will be provided *a lot* of cases that people are willing to pay from $500-10,000 a docket. I have the capital to provide you with everything, and I do mean everything, you need, to practice.

-You will have your own office, complete with the latest computer, wooden desk, landline, ISP connection, even the fancy legal bookcases of several reporters to impress your clients.

-You will have your own Private Investigators, and front desk secretary that will do everything frrm invoices to bringing you coffee. You can interview them yourself. You will have the title of Chief Attorney.

-You do NOT HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE PENNY FOR UPKEEP. You net *everything* you make. For example, if we do a simple $500 docket case--You only have to show up for the arraignment(if the client is retained at that point), speak to the ADA(likely Chris Sullfoko of whom I know well) for a plea bargain, and have the client plead guilty as per the DA' recommendation. That's two court appearances for $500 granted the client does not wish to go to trial. Four clients at that small docket price and that's $2000 in our pockets. A grand for you, a grand for me(only MY pay goes for upkeep) just for sitting around for a month doing absolutely nothing you make a grand net. Obviously we'll have more than four clients so you'll be making *a lot* of money and will be providing a vigorous defense for the clients we advocate for.

-A lot of law students who have just become attorneys have tuition to pay off, and this is why this job is being offered. I have not eligible to take my bar yet but I will soon enough. So I am looking for a reliable partner I can work with.

This is worth your time. Honestly, saying no to this means you lack common sense. Please contact me and we can work this out. This applies to ALL law students looking to take their bar exams and those who have already taken it. Even if you failed and are looking to retake it, contact me.

This can start as early as April, as late as next year. I highly suggest you take this into consideration. You will never, in your life, find someone who has a quarter million dollars and is willing to provide you with your own firm. This isn't a scam, this is for real. It's just because I do not yet have my bar and want my own firm running with a reliable partner or partner(s) once I pass my exam.

You can get paid by the hour or garbage pay by commission by a higher up attorney, or you can be your own boss and have several grand thrown at you a month. It's your choice. Contact me via e-mail, phone preferably. This goes to ALL law students regardless of year and all attorneys who cannot afford to buy out their own office and start up their own practice. Stop getting paid by the hour and just take 100% of the money that comes into your own firm. Simple.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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