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Gitcoin | Polyglot Engineer - internet engineering - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 17 Nov 2017
Category: Internet Engineers


Open source is the path to a middle class life for millions of talented individuals today, and a generation of software engineers have built thousands of websites, mobile applications, and SaaS businesses on top of open source.

Despite the economic value that is created by open source software, the incentives to create open source software and make it available freely are not currently aligned. Unless individuals have the scale and full weight of the Linux Foundation, Apache Foundation, or Red Hat behind them, open source contributions are relegated to side projects on nights and weekends.
Core Infrastructure

Gitcoin is a blockchain based network for finding and incentivizing work in open source software. Through our bounty explorer (, customers are able to find funded work in Open Source Software.

Gitcoin's first partners are core infrastructure of the budding web3 ecosystem. While the mainstream financial news has been abuzz with hype about token sales lately, the projects that have quietly enabled their success have been largely taken for granted.


It is super important that OSS repo maintainers who post bounties to the Gitcoin Explorer get them turned around quickly. You will be the in-house girl/guy who turns around bounties posted to the Gitcoin Bounty Explorer (

You will be the point person to coordinating the fixes across a deep and wide scope of issues. Some issues will be blockchain, some will be web issues, some will require crypto experience.

The ideal candidate for this position is a polyglot who can easily pick up new things, enjoys the process of discovery and learning, and loves Open Source Software


If you want to stand out from the other applicants, you might try turning around some of the posted work on the platform at (they're all paid, some of them more generously than others). Given that we're trying to dogfood as much as possible, it'd give you a real leg up to understand the product already. Plus, its an oppy to learn something new and get paid for it :)

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