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5+ years PT Designer & Illustrator - 15-30 hrs/mo - $40/hr. - art / media / design - job employment

City: Portland
Date: 14 Nov 2017
Category: Art / Media / Design

We're a small agency with a few major clients, seeking a very experienced designer/illustrator to work on specialized ads, billboards, newsletters and other print and web graphics, with an emphasis on producing excellent original and creative pieces bordering on "art" for commercial clients.

The focus here is on keeping our clients' graphics and illustrations fresh, creative, funny and fun, month after month. You will need to have a sharp mind and a knowledge of design history, art history, architecture, movies, music and current events.

You must be able to work with limited direction and supervision, and not waste our time or yours. This job is mostly work-from-home. You must be local to Portland so that we can meet occasionally in person. You write down your time and are paid hourly. We have a good idea of how many hours go into a piece. If you are the right candidate we will take your word for the hours you spent per piece, as long as it looks like that's how long it should have taken.

Pay is $40 per hour.

No degree required. You must have:
• 5+ years experience in design and illustration. Professional ad agency experience preferred. However, we will consider apps from people in other fields like motion graphics, tattoo artists, street artists, etc. if you know the software inside and out and are disciplined in the styles you draw to make sure the customer is satisfied with the results.
• Great understanding of typography, art and design history, architecture, pop culture and current events that you can reference in your work.
• An excellent portfolio showing a variety of styles for different clients, and a demonstrable ability to adopt different brand motifs and make smart/funny designs that make people go "hah".
• Total proficiency with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign -- like, you know the key shortcuts in your sleep.
• Enough HTML and CSS to lay out a basic web page using Dreamweaver or something similar.
• BYO laptop + software. Wacom or Surface artists preferred.

If you meet all the above qualifications, you'll probably find the work super routine and boring but you will have tons of opportunity to add opinions and feedback, and push it in new directions. Additional hours and more jobs are also possible over time.

We understand that this is not a full-time job and you probably have another one, therefore we typically allow 5 days for turnaround of art pieces (none of which take more than 3-5 hours). Rush/overtime pay is $60/hr if it's needed sooner than that.

Please email a resume and portfolio link.
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