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ISO: Contract Paralegal Services - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Boise
Date: 10 Nov 2017
Category: legal / paralegal

We're an established Family Law firm in Boise, ID that believes in leveraging technology to help create flexible schedules and a positive work / life balance for ourselves and the people we work with. That helps us provide the best service to our clients.

We're Looking to utilize the services of an independent paralegal that can work on a remote, as needed, contract basis.

Our main need is drafting of all types of family court documents. Any other value you can add is encouraged.

All work is done independently and remotely with flexible hours. Must have your own internet / computer / phone. Required applications can be discussed.

Must be able to meet deadlines. Must be comfortable with technological change. Must have experience.

Pay can be by the hour and / or per job basis. 1099 Independent contractor. Quality work earns quality pay.

Contact via craigslist email to begin please.

Please indicate where you live and just a little about your paralegal experience in initial email.

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