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Web Application Front-End Developer/Designer - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Washington
Date: 10 Nov 2017
Category: Web / Info Design

The potential candidate must be proficient in developing, debugging, and testing front-end UI for web applications. The candidate must have minimum of 5+ years expertise and hands-on experience in the following:
- CSS, Bootstrap 3 & 4
- JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS

Other Required Skills:
- Experience in working collaboratively with user experience analysts to translate mock-ups, wireframes, or prototypes into user interface code utilizing HTML5/CSS/JavaScript .
- Extensive experience with all layers of web development, including data modeling, business logic, API, RESTful web services.
- Strong knowledge of code repositories (such as SVN or GIT) and standard development environments
- Strong organizational skills, excellent communication and self-motivation skills
- Hands-on experience building web applications.
- Strong inter-personal and communications skills as Programmers must effectively communicate with all other technical staff, client personnel, and end-users.
- Ability to multitask & work independently.
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