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Senior Clerk (unlike any other clerking position in the US) - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Long island
Date: 09 Nov 2017
Category: legal / paralegal

The business of clerking that we require is similar to that of being an in-house theatrical agent.

The key skill for a clerk is negotiating fees; this requires fine and superlative judgement.

The areas of expertise that chambers handles are: Administrative and Public / Civil / Employment and Labor / ​​Entertainment and Intellectual Property / Hospitality / Human Rights & Civil Liberties / International / Sports / Alternative Dispute Resolution


Although there aren't any minimum requirements (beyond a high school diploma) to be a Senior Clerk, it would be beneficial, especially at the moment, to have an Associates, Bachelor's or advanced degree. Failing this, experience with legal administration or business would be beneficial.

A Senior Clerk should have the following skills and knowledge:

• Be commercially aware (see below);
• Have a willingness and aptitude to understand administrative and civil law jurisdiction throughout the US and the world;
• Have a high level of IT skill & knowledge;
• Have great written and oral communication skills;
• Possess very good organizational and time management skills;
• Understand people and their foibles;
• The ability to work under pressure;
• A decent overall understanding of the areas of advocacy the chambers specialize in;
• Strong multi-tasking skills and attention to detail;
• Ability to work as part of a team;
• Discussing with a lay or professional client the most appropriate advocate to take the case in terms of specialization, particular abilities, experience and availability (being aware of any potential conflict of interest where advocates from the same chambers are representing opposing parties);
• Formulating an in-house (discrete) "rate" card for each advocate within their areas of specialization;
• Negotiating the fees to be charged with the instructing attorney / solicitor or lay client;
• Keeping accounts and arranging the collection of case fees;
• Planning the timetable of a case in detail, taking into account factors such as preparation time, conferences (i.e., meetings with instructing attorneys / solicitors and clients) and estimated number of days in court /tribunal;
• Arranging meetings on behalf of the advocate with the instructing attorney / solicitor and / or lay client to discuss the case;
• Informing the client or the client's attorney / solicitor of progress and, in case of a delay, renegotiating the agreed timetable of work as required;
• Planning the workload of each advocate to avoid clashes of court / tribunal times;
• Proactively seeking work for the chambers by keeping in touch with attorneys / solicitors and undertaking other marketing activities, such as holding seminars and hosting events;
• Referring cases to more appropriate firms when a lack of specialist expertise could jeopardize the outcome of the case;
• Maintaining awareness of cases that are likely to be coming to the chambers;
• Keeping up to date with specific areas of concentration (including Alternative Dispute Resolution) and the specialisms of the advocates within the chambers;
• Running business activities and the administrative systems of chambers to meet quality standards;
• Researching information using the internet and paper-based sources;
• Using court / tribunal listings and computer-based diary systems to plan workloads;
• Discussing with junior advocates the areas in which they wish to develop expertise and allocating relevant cases to them;
• Keep up to date with current legal issues and legislation which could have an impact on the work coming into the chambers.

Working hours are typically standard office hours but you should be prepared to work long and irregular hours on occasions, in preparation for a major case and for business development events.

Although our home base is on the north shore "Gold Coast," one could easily "tele-commute" if equipped with a telephone, computer and outstanding savvy - simply be available within the environs of LIRR/Metro-North/NYC Transit!

Resumes and Cover-letters with references requested.
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