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Initial Coin Offering - internet engineering - job employment

City: Washington
Date: 04 Nov 2017
Category: Internet Engineers

Good Day!

We are looking for the right local applicants to help form our ICO.
If you are not local to the MD-DC-NOVA area, please, do not respond. Although most work is remote, if hired, you must attend roughly 5 various team meetings, this is not negotiable.
Experience with an ICO is preferred, not necessary.
Must be competent and active with cryptocurrencies.
We will need the following positions:
1 Project Manager -- a person who monitors everything as a whole and is responsible for ensuring all the work being done qualitatively.
2 Coders-- writing all the code
2 Community Managers -- managers who respond to all the community questions through all communication channels 24/7
2 Bounty Managers-- the one who leads the bounty program
2 PR Specialists -- a mass media manager
2 Editors --  write the white paper, lots of texts for the blog and the media about us and the market we want to enter; besides, cover all the ICO news in great detail .
1 Context and Targeting Specialist -- the result of our campaign will be significantly improved if when you purchase ads for our website in Facebook, Google, Reddit and YouTube, targeting exclusively at the audience interested in cryptocurrencies.
Experience and availability will count heavily.
This is the first of several ICO concepts.
We're looking to move quite aggressively. We respect your time and respectfully expect you to do the same with ours. 
So then, that being said, here's the skinny:
Unlike many coins, ours is based on an actual and unique function/service.
We can't discuss this in any detail until you sign an NDA, because at this point we're dealing with intellectual property. 
But in short, we will need everything you can contribute.
This is a start up, based on an excellent concept. 
It will require a lot of work for about 4 weeks.
Once we have all the necessary preliminaries knocked out, then we will start our 1st round of accepting funding. 
You'll have to believe in the concept. Your pay is structured form the first round of funding.
We do 2 rounds of pre-sale coins next, then the ICO. There will also be a team bonus upon completion of the ICO.
The issue for us, is the right team. You will sign an NDA, prior to the first meeting.
We are looking to form this team for multiple ICO's.
We will, form a great team.
Thank you for your time.
If you know this is you, please reply with a brief and relevant resume, a few words about yourself, and a contact number.
Again, thank you.
Now, go enjoy your day!
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