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ReactJS, Node.js, GraphQL, Swift iOS Developer - internet engineering - job employment

City: San diego
Date: 04 Nov 2017
Category: Internet Engineers

Opportunity to work with leading edge technologies on a forward-thinking voice collaboration platform.

Seeking local candidates for fast-paced, demanding engineering role.

Early-stage well-funded startup needs experienced and confident software developers who can drive our beautiful product and codebase forward with thoughtful, well-tested full-stack javascript. Hosted on AWS and leveraging the scalability of DynamoDB, your contribution as a team-member depends on your strong fundamental knowledge of using Apollo and subscriptions to supply data to HOCs in React. Also, your years of experience using Express and Node.js has taught you the proper use of promises and how to avoid callback conundrums. Your curiosity about GraphQL has earned you early-access to the post-REST party, but you're still a nimble consumer of any archaic API, even if it's SOAP/WSDL. Or perhaps you've earned entry onto our team from your years of experience writing iOS apps in Objective-C and Swift and you have used Apollo to query and cache data from GraphQL endpoints. And you've been chomping at the bit to write an iOS app that integrates with iMessage ever since you upgraded to iOS11.

Bonus for having deep telephony experience with Freeswitch or Asterisk or even more abstract familiarity with Twilio or Nexmo.
Double-bonus for having *applied* machine learning experience (beyond coursework) and facility with writing models in Tensorflow.
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