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SMART, CLEVER AND INSIGHTFUL OPINION WRITERS WANTED - writing / editing / translation - job employment

City: Ann arbor
Date: 12 Oct 2017
Category: Writing / Editing

Greetings from THE LATEST, or

My name is Jeff Hall, CEO. I'm a newspaper guy finally going digital via our new site,, which recently launched.

We are seeking knowledgeable and passionate writers willing to write one or two columns a week, of up to 500 words each.

It could be politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle - anything can be "the latest." We're all interested in more than one topic.

We want to:

1) Make things simple again;

2) Bring back trust; and

3) Provide a platform for smart and interesting opinion writers who otherwise might not have much of a voice.

Let's get people talking again!

But first, I hope you will read this LONG post. It gives you, I think, a pretty clear picture of the good, bad and ugly.


At its core, is a news aggregator; we cover all topics; we also provide intelligent and colorful commentary on all subjects. We think is the best "all in one" news and information system ever built.


THE LATEST has NO political agenda - ALL sides are represented - and we believe in treating one another with mutual respect. We replace name-calling, four-letter words, hate and fake news with accuracy, real fairness, balance and intelligent conversation.


Very few people get to write for big-name newspapers. Even fewer become "talking heads" on cable or network TV outlets.

There are a lot of very smart bloggers with very small audiences.

Many of these people are smart, insightful and witty - and deserve to be heard. Does that include you?


GOOD: People think we're on to something. The idea of a site that's not a cesspool strikes many as revolutionary; but those of us who have been around long enough know that fairness, accuracy, balance and good manners are actually very old-fashioned ideas.

BAD: We're not yet funded, but we hope to change that soon.

UGLY: There is no pay for now.

GOOD: We are working on a revenue-sharing plan for our writers. We will also cut our writers in on the deal if we ever sell the company, which isn't necessarily the goal. We hope to have all the particulars of this sharing plan worked out by year's end.

BAD: We are asking you to take a leap of faith in the meantime.

GOOD: All I can say is our intentions are good and we want to do right by our writers. After all, we're writers, too. We're willing to try. Are you?

UGLY: While our intentions are good, if our effort to cut writers in on the deal becomes a source of grief, we might have to cancel the program. Don't do this for the money (there is none in the near-term); do this because it feels right.

GOOD: So far, we've been very pleased by the number of writers who "get" what we're trying to do here - and who are willing to join in. We are building THE LATEST using "true believer" energy. Every day I learn something new from our editorial contributors. It's a very interesting mix, really. I'm not aware of another site that's doing anything like this.

GOOD: We can link back to your blog, site or social media page if that's of interest. Just plug that info into your profile and that will be taken care of automatically. Maybe someone will like what you write and connect with you; maybe that connection will become a good one.


When you go to, be sure to click on our drop-down menus. See all the topics we want to explore. We need writers to cover all of these topics.

What we seek now are COMMENTATORS who can explain what's going on out there, what will likely happen next - and what, in that writer's opinion, SHOULD happen next.

We call our opinion pieces THE LATEST THINKING, or TLTs for short.

THE LATEST isn't just about politics. You can write about craft beer, online gaming, travel, gadgets, the Red Sox, cars - anything at all.

We want our writers to be good writers (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.); we also want them to be interesting, witty, clever, insightful.

We want your passion for your topic to shine through.

We are not in a great position to edit your work. We hope it's so good we can just approve it shortly after it arrives.

We think one or two posts a week of up to 500 words each is ideal. We want to focus on quality, not quantity.

Writing less often is OK; we want you to write only when you have something to say. But three posts per week is the limit; we don't want a handful of folks to dominate the site.


Visit I urge you to click on "Watch THE LATEST site tour video" at the top of the page. Start clicking around.

If you really want to get fancy, set up a MY LATEST account and you can start personalizing your experience.

If you think you want to write for us, please "hit reply" to this ad and send a quick cover note telling us a little about yourself, what you most want to write about and why you think there's a good fit here.

A resume would be great, but please include the highlights of your qualifications in your cover letter. If you can supply a short writing sample - or a link to something you've written, that would help a lot.

Any feedback about the site itself - good or bad - is welcome. We know our mobile presentation is awful right now; we're working on that.

If we like what we see, we'll invite you to sign up and submit your first TLT (THE LATEST THINKING). We'll send you instructions letting you know how to do that.


If you have read all the way to this point, that indicates you might be one of handful of "true believers" we're seeking.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to hearing from you.
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