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Panel Cartoonist - art / media / design - job employment

City: Chicago
Date: 12 Oct 2017
Category: Art / Media / Design

I'm a gag writer looking for a panel cartoonist partner whose style says "New Yorker". Like me, you have a passion for panel cartooning even though you know it's a shrunken market and the pay, with some exceptions, is meager. Still, it's a labor of love and a thrill when you get a sale. I've sold a few recently and want to sell more....but need a good artist who identifies with this genre. Ideally, you have other income and you do this for the dim prospect of getting into the NYer (and other pubs). Prefer a non-student. Send a few samples, esp b/w line drawings; I'll follow with some of mine. Maybe we're a match.
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