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Seeking Several Senior Microsoft Access Consultants - software / qa / dba / etc - job employment

City: Fort lauderdale
Date: 12 Oct 2017
Category: Software / QA / DBA


I hope that this is the last job application posting you every have to read.

My name is Sasha Froyland and I'm the founder of Help4Access. Like yourself, I've programmed in MS Access for many years.

Over the past 8 years I've developed the world's best team of MS Access consultants working on a projects within the USA. Most of us are located in the San Francisco Bay Area but we've grown and now we're ready to build a much stronger practice in the east coast where many of our larger projects are getting ready to start.

Here is a just a sample of our team:

Why join our team?
Answer: You'll get to leverage the power the team's combined 200+ years of experience and be assigned consistent, high value, interesting projects. In a nutshell, you'll enjoy a higher quality of life.

Everyone on the team is 20+ senior and before joining Help4Access they had developed their own book of business, their own small consulting practice. So, everyone is not only very technical, but they are also great communicators and quickly build rapport with our valued clients.

Secondly, you'll learn cool stuff. We're very focused on helping our largest clients develop/extend the original functionality of their complex Microsoft Access applications to mobile, web and the cloud.

Here's a cool video where we show Microsoft Access running on the iPad, iPhone and in the cloud.

We've developed some really cool tools to help programmatically perform much of the heavy lifting when migrating Microsoft Access applications to other technologies such as SQL Sever, Oracle, ASP dot NET, Java and more. These tools and techniques are constantly evolving to fit our customer's need.

See how we helped Albertsons/Safeway manage over 65,000 MS Access databases:

I'm sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch, I'm just very excited about our mission and what we've accomplished.

In fact, that's another reason why Help4Access is good for you. This is it: sales, marketing, legal, billing, collections, business development. Yip, you never have to do it again! You get to stay focused on what you like to do and that is add value by writing great MS Access desktop database applications. Staying focused on what you like to do is how you get great. Help4Access helps you focus on your core strengths which is one big reason why the team at Help4Access is the best in the world. It really cannot be done any other way.

About you:
You should be fairly self sufficient with your current clients or perhaps semi-retired. On-boarding at Help4Access is a slow process. Let me backup. My goal with every consultant is to keep them booked as much as wold they like.

Some consultants need 40+ hours a week, while other consultants prefer 8 to 16 hours a week or seasonal.

So, when I when I land a new project, I match the client's expectations with a consultant's needs. I like to think of it as a cadence or a dance. All parties must be aligned and start off on the right foot.

I don't take projects less than 40 hours and many of our largest clients have life-time projects requiring 20-30 hours a week forever. All remote work completed from your home office over your fast internet. You must be available during normal business hours for phone calls and meetings. This is not the kind of work you can do in addition to a full-time job.

So back to on boarding. Once you join, your first project will be light. I'll be organizing the meetings between you and the client and attending the meetings to see how you do. Then, the projects you'll be assigned will be larger and more complex as I gain confidence in your skills and style.

FYI: We support the world's most complex MS Access applications. One of our larger clients has 50,000 users leveraging data centers in San Francisco, Chicago and India running 24x7 with call centers in all three area. The data holds critical life support data. All on Microsoft Access to SQL Server.

We get some simple projects too, but I want you to have a feel for the level of complexity you should expect to grow into being able to handle if you want long term high numbers of hours per week project assignments.

Also, you must have SQL Server experience and basically be a development DBA, meaning, you can write stored procedures and debug them no problem. Also, would be great if you have touched Azure and double-great if you are comfortable developing in ASP dot NET. But some of this is not too important because we have a partners for hardcore DBA production work as well as large scale web and mobile development too.

That's it. If you are not sure about joining Help4Access, I completely understand. Hopefully the above gives you kind of a career roadmap to becoming a world-class MS Access consultant (I prefer the title Solution Architect as appose to MS Access consultant. Google this: "togaf solution architecture definition".

Here is the link to the online application. This link will take you to a page on our site where there is another link to a Google Form

Please complete the online application and include a link to your LinkedIn profile (REQUIRED).

I'll review your application and be back in touch via email within a few days.

If selected, the next step will be setting up a GoToMeeting meeting to get to know each-other and review a few applications you've developed. For the meeting/demo, please think about code reuse, table design, 3NF and how you've made enhancement suggestions to your clients which resulted in greater application stability and usability (a solution orientated mentality).

Kind regards,
Sasha Froyland - Founder - Enterprise Architect
San Francisco, CA

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