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Mental Health & Wellness Content Writer for large website, long term - writing/editing

City: Vancouver
Date: 12 Oct 2017
Category: Writing / Editing

We are seeking a great writer to join our team. We are Theravive, a large mental health website with thousands of therapists all over Canada and the US. We are seeking someone who will write daily (3-5 times per week) articles in the mental health / wellness space that are current, relevant, and fresh. We have over 150k followers on facebook and your articles will go through our social media channels and be read by thousands.

Reliability is important as well is having excellent writing skills.

You do not need to be a licensed therapist, however you need to have a good grasp of the field of mental health.

The type of articles we are seeking: choose anything that is current (i.e. in the news) and write about it from a mental health perspective. So there is very broad leeway to write about pretty much anything. Additionally, each week at least one article should be based on current research (we will explain this more when we chat with you).

This is long term, as in we need someone who can write articles on an ongoing basis.

We are an awesome group of folks and if you are excited about joining a great team of people who have a passion for mental health and lowering stigma, please send us your resume and cover letter. Also, please include your compensation expectations, we prefer rates that are based on a "per-article" basis (our first choice) or an hourly rate. Given that is a long term position with 3-5 articles per week (your choice each week), we are not willing to consider "per word" rates.

Article length: Variable, but at least 600 words, up to 1500 words with an average of 900 words. However, keep in mind that lengths of articles should never be about "word count" which is unnatural. Length should simply be "have I said all that needs to be said?" If all of your articles are the same length, then taken as a whole, it is unnatural. "Word Count", therefore, should not be a focus, what is more important to us is the content: is it engaging, and does it say all that needs to be said?
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