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Part or Full Time Tax Accountant - Work from Home! - accounting / finance - job employment

City: Salt lake city
Date: 12 Oct 2017
Category: Accounting & Finance

Bloomfield CFO is a boutique accounting firm specializing in financial accounting, taxes, and estate planning for a nationwide client base. Our primary focus and area of growth is the medical and dental industries, and also we serve many other privately held businesses ranging from tech to construction to distribution services to cattle ranching.

The applicant will work closely with clients to prepare and review annual income tax returns, prepare other miscellaneous tax returns (e.g. 1099s, payroll forms, sales tax returns, property tax forms), conduct tax research, deliver financial statements for internal management use only (no audits), and assist in marketing efforts by writing financial and tax blog posts.

Bloomfield CFO is a "virtual" firm meaning that we have no local offices, and all our staff work from home. We pride ourselves on flexibility - you can work whenever and wherever you want. You determine how many hours a week you would like to work and then you are assigned tasks to fill those hours. This is a great opportunity to get rid of a commute, but also means that the applicant must be able to stay focused and have a quiet area at home where he or she can work and communicate with clients over the phone. Our firm of roughly ten individuals meets once a month for a team meeting.

Our busiest time of year is tax season starting in early January and ending April 15th. During the rest of the year we spend most time working on monthly financial statement presentation, contacting our clients to help them answer questions about quarterly estimated taxes, budgeting, retirement planning, and other financial business-related questions.

Position Qualifications
The applicant must have at least two of the following qualifications:

(1) Certified Public Accountant 
(2) Big-four accounting firm tax experience (at least two years)
(3) Graduated from top accounting program
(4) Prepared Federal income tax returns for individuals and businesses for at least two years

Lastly, with your application please answer the questions below. Your application will not be considered if answers are not provided.

(1) What does EBITDA stand for? Why is it important for a business to know?
(2) When a business makes a loan payment, should that payment go on the income statement, balance sheet, or both? Why?
(3) Describe your home office.
(4) What's the difference between an owner receiving cash through wages vs. an owner distribution/draw in an S corporation?
(5) What are the advantages/disadvantages of reporting business activity on a Schedule C?
(6) What does hitting ALT + "=" (i.e. hitting the equals key while holding down Alt) in Excel do? How is that shortcut useful? What are some other Excel tips and tricks you commonly use?
(7) Are you able to attend a monthly meeting in Alpine, UT?

Permanent citizenship or a work visa is required. Applicants must be able to meet for a face to face interview in Alpine, Utah prior to beginning work.
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