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Media Production Intern - art / media / design - job employment

City: Boston
Date: 11 Oct 2017
Category: Art / Media / Design

Media Production Intern
Interested in working at a startup in Kendall Square? Clinical Research IO (CRIO) is a VC-funded software company using technology to transform the way that clinical research is done. This semester, we are looking for a Media Production Intern to create engaging, effective training videos and articles for our clients.

What we do:
Before a drug goes to market, it must pass a series of clinical trials that test its safety and effectiveness- but the existing process of collecting data for those trials is fundamentally inefficient and error-prone. Pharmaceutical companies contract with independent physicians and clinical research sites to recruit subjects and collect data about how those subjects react to the treatment. The problem, however, is that most clinical research sites collect their data using pen and paper. To review the data, pharma representatives have to fly in-person to the research site and manually sift through hand-written, hole-punched forms, flagging bad data with post-it notes until they return for another review. All of this adds time, error, and expense to the clinical trial process.
CRIO replaces paper forms with an affordable, interactive web and tablet-based application. A doctor can collect data quickly and accurately on a tablet with the help of automatic calculations and alerts. This data is then available on our system and can be viewed from anywhere. Our system streamlines the entire research workflow- making it possible for research sites to take in more patients and, ultimately, for innovative new treatments to get to market sooner.

Your role:
Our Media Production Intern will work with us to design, produce, and edit training materials for our clients. We'll teach you how to use different features of our system, and you'll work to explain them clearly through training videos and instructional articles. We're looking for someone who is enthusiastic, responsible, and detail-oriented. You need to be able to learn our software and use video-editing software, so some technical savvy will be useful, too. No outside knowledge of clinical research is required.
To apply, send a resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject line: Media Production Intern: [First Name] [Last Name].
We look forward to hearing from you!
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