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Developers wanted - all languages and skill levels - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Boston
Date: 11 Oct 2017
Category: Web / Info Design

About Us:
We're a growing software consulting agency in the Lowell area (remote is fine but an in person interview is highly desirable) and we're looking for all skill levels and languages to help develop custom software for companies from around the world. We mainly focus on data capture and visualization. We are currently working on SAAS products relating to inspections, logistics, corporate information gathering, client portals, APIs, automation, and AI. We're always looking to grow professionally, so if you have an expertise in an area we'd love for you to be the leader/teacher in your discipline. We're mainly looking for contract help, but full-time options may be available for the right fit.

About you:
You're looking for a company where you can learn new and exciting technologies and bring your ability into an overall solution. You're a problem solver who likes figuring out the best way to implement solutions to really involved problems. You can code. Frontend, backend, database, AI. You like the freedom of a contract or part-time position.

Technology we use frequently:
- Javascript, jQuery, React, Angular, Vue
- MySQL, SQL Server
- Git, Vagrant, Jenkins, Jira, Slack

If you use one/any/all of the above, great, if not, feel free to reach out. You could be our go-to (Ruby, Python, C, etc) coder.

Please send us an email with your cover letter and resume along with your rates/salary.
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