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LPN or RN - Remarkable Practice; Gracious Family-like Setting - healthcare - job employment

City: Gainesville
Date: 11 Oct 2017
Category: Medical / Health

Our Gainesville physical therapy clinic treats patients who come to us from around the world for manual treatment of chronic, adhesion-related conditions. Published data on our work in numerous PubMed indexed studies showing we often open totally occluded fallopian tubes, decrease adhesions and even clear adhesive bowel obstructions, without surgery. It is very pioneering and fulfilling work.

We need a generalist or gyn-oriented professional to help us screen patients, using our Acceptance Guidelines. You would review charts and speak with potential patients, and sometimes their physicians, from around the world.

This part-time job involves reviewing medical records, consulting with our staff, applicants for therapy and sometimes their physicians. It is very fulfilling, heart-centered work. We routinely save lives for people with recurring bowel obstructions, give life to women diagnosed infertile, and help many with chronic post-surgical or post-trauma adhesion pain - all without surgery, using just our hands.

Read about us at, view remarkable Google reviews on "Clear Passage Physical Therapy." Join us! Help save lives naturally, and work in a very supportive family-style setting! We are a cash-based practice; no managed care is involved. Please respond directly to this ad.
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