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Film critics, writers, others wanted - writing/editing

City: Montreal
Date: 11 Oct 2017
Category: Writing / Editing

You: a young, hungry journalist unsatisfied with the lack of exposure you're getting in traditional media. You love film, but film writing hasn't touched upon a personal obsession - something you've thought about for years and are eager to share.

I'm just about to launch a meager film website for this very purpose. Filmquirk is entirely going to be about the quirky, the strange, the outcast works you love (while also covering traditional media as well). Nothing is off the table. One thing the internet has taught me, it's that everything has an audience. Obviously, there'll be no pay at the beginning, however I already have purchased a domain name. In time, I'm hoping this will soon create revenue. Meanwhile, this opportunity will grant any writer starting out plenty of exposure (As someone who was once reading tons of these ads, I understand your frustration).

Contact me through email, let me know what you have. CVs and samples would be appreciated.
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