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Looking for Assistance with Math and Stats Projects - writing/editing

City: Toronto
Date: 10 Oct 2017
Category: Writing / Editing

If you enjoy mathematics, then I have some exciting work for you!

We are a company that develops online resources to teach mathematics and statistics. We are looking for part-time assistance for our projects.

- Assist our editors with various editorial tasks such as creating solution manuals, checking online questions, checking solutions, creating PPTs, etc.
- Create material (questions and solutions) for various mathematics and statistics courses.

- Strong knowledge of foundational level mathematics and statistics (first year college level).
- Strong attention to detail.
- Experience with MS products.
- Strong communication skills.
- Highly motivated, personable, and able to work as part of a team.
- Technically savvy.
- Genuine enthusiasm for education would be fantastic!

Compensation, recognition, and ongoing projects
- We will pay you $15 per hour.
- At the end of the project, we will give you a letter of recommendation based on your performance.
- If you are good at your work, you will be part of our editorial team and we will keep you busy throughout the year with ongoing project work.

If you are interested, please send me an email with your resume, informing me the following:
- How many hours a week you can allocate towards our projects.
- You can work from home or our office but are required to drop by our office regularly. Let us know if this works for you. If so, how may hours can you allocate towards working from our office (which is near Union Station).
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