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Wanted: Highly experienced web designer / developer. Start now! - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 09 Oct 2017
Category: Web / Info Design

We are a Scottsdale, Arizona startup seeking a highly experienced and professional designer and developer to work remotely (or on-site) to launch the first version of our new website by November 7th, with full time work thereafter to enhance the site.

We have designs specifications for the site including colors, images, layout, functionality and everything else. We know which pages need to be developed, we know where text and images will go, etc. With that said, we are open to design changes and we are open to using any type of technology that is maintainable and scaleable.

Things that matter most:

Starting by at least next week, you should be available full time at least for the next month and full time or at least part time thereafter.

You should know color theory. You should be good at vector art. You must be a wizard with HTML5, CSS3 and JS. You must be the best designer and developer out there. If you are this person, and if for some reason you are available, then this job may be for you! Please submit your resume with your example portfolio to the email in this post.

Please also provide examples of your previous and most recent work, that we can verify. It is important that we be able to verify the work, as a lot of developers have been claiming examples that are not their own! Please do not be offended if we ask to verify your work.

Kindly provide examples of custom graphics that you have created for webdesign, such as vector art (if any).

Our site needs fast load times for every page. Not a ton of big plugins. We will have one large image on the homepage and we need to shave down everything else.

No bloated CSS or JS. No copy and paste in CSS files. We must minify and compress. Optimize for small size and speed (other than the one large image we have, which will be highly optimized itself).

The site should run as fast as possible. A CDN may be overkill now, but we could add it later.

The entire site needs the smoothest, most pleasant, most readable fonts, even the legal ToS page needs to be pleasant to read - on every device.

Perfect viewing on any device, with a separate version for desktops (if that's the best approach).

The site needs to pass checks with Google and certain validation tools for proper HTML. You can pick out the verification tools so we have a reasonable expectation of the end result.

We will need a custom blog, similar to, for the best content marketing possible. We'll need a CMS for it. In fact whatever typeform is using, we'd like to use. This is extremely important, however it could even be after Nov 7th.

We need to create a custom email template for content marketing, in the same style and theme as the site and blog. Super important, but this can also be done later.

Plus integration with any useful sales/marketing/conversion/content marketing plugins you can think of.

We need a secure payment page. We use for our other sites.

We will host our own AWS server(s). We are planning for millions of views in a short time frame. We normally work with IIS and .net, although we're open minded to use anything. If you work best with Linux, or PHP, that's fine. Again, we're open minded, so long as you're a great developer and designer.

Compensation is negotiable. Full or part time at employee's choice.
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