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Executive Assistant for Pastor / Church Admin - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Baltimore
Date: 06 Oct 2017
Category: Web / Info Design

We are looking for a PART-TIME (10-20 hours per week) assistant for the he Lead Pastor of The Lighthouse Church.

4871 Ten Oaks Road
Dayton, MD 21036

Your duties would vary from week-to-week, but you must be comfortable with several types of tasks in order to do well in this job.

You must:
* Be a good writer (emails, etc.)
* Be able to work independently (you may work from home for most of the tasks)
* Be able to manage a simple website and post content online: familiarity with simple video editing (e.g., iMovie) and web platforms (e.g., Weebly, Wordpress) are a big plus
* Be able to post content on social media and manage those platforms for the church

Below is an overview of the types of tasks you may be asked to do:

Pastor Assistance:
- Create Power Point presentation for sermon
- Create handouts and print

Church Admin (General):
- Deal with situations as they come up (e.g., calling repair person)
- Email reminders for setup, kids church, etc.
- Check church voicemail and pass along

- Post on Facebook and other social media each week
- Update website with announcements each week
- Add sermon to website each week
- Send weekly announcements via email

LOL Kids:
- Create lesson plans for kids church from curriculum
- Order materials for the lesson, when necessary

Special Projects:
- Assist with special projects, as necessary (e.g., arrange catering for special service, yard sale ads on craigslist...)
- We are also looking to redo our church website. This can be something we hire someone to do specifically, or it can be a bigger project for you to take on for extra hours, if you are interested.

Our church is new, and we have no full-time staff. This is a contract position. There are no benefits. We are a growing church looking for a part-time person to help out, who needs some extra cash.
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