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Part Time / Intern Admin - Light Programming - Web - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Washington
Date: 05 Oct 2017
Category: Web / Info Design

This is an ideal job for students. Pay is entry level, no experience.

You must live within a HUBzone for this position. See where you can enter your address to confirm. Take a screen clip of that webpage showing your address as a HUBZone address and include that screen clip with your email. Ideally, you live within the area in the attached photo.

Do not bother if you don't live in a HUBZone (as seen on your driver's license/lease).

I'm looking for a few people to assist on a part time basis. We have a lot of "small jobs" to do - from assistant/admin type jobs, to document scanning and organizing, to web design and light programming (python, javascript, etc.). Not everyone will be able to do everything - that's why we're looking for a few people. You'll generally average about 10 hours a week - some weeks more, some weeks less. We can work with you if you want fewer hours.

There is not a set schedule every week for most jobs. You'll will work from home on your own time some of the time. This is an ideal situation for a college student. The offices are at either the Metro Station or U Street metro stops. Some work requires you to be in the office.

We're a small technology firm. This could be considered a paid internship and resume building dependent upon your skills and how much effort you want to put in. We've hired interns in the past though these positions are really designed to lead to a full time job (never know though).

Everyone must have reasonable computer skills and their own computer to use from home. There's some light labor/errand needs but most everything we'd need involves technology in some way. We do have some work that requires the ability to lift about 60 pounds - but even that isn't all the time. Pay is really open - it depends on your skills and which roles you can fill. It is part time hourly with no benefits paid via direct deposit every two weeks.

**ALSO - be sure to put hubzone in the subject line. We get a lot of automated spam so want to be sure you're real and not a spambot.

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