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Devops Engineer for Blockchain software company - systems/networking

City: Fraser valley
Date: 04 Oct 2017
Category: Systems / Network

We are a fast growing Blockchain Analytics company working on exciting projects in a cutting
edge space. We are looking for a talented and experienced devops engineer that enjoys the
challenge of building, deploying and managing scalable, highly available and secure systems.
You will get a chance to work with some great people and do meaningful, challenging and
creative work.
This is a full-time remote work position. Candidates must be a Canadian resident.
We're Looking for Great People
Honesty, trustworthiness, humility and a desire to be equal contributing members of a team are
important to us. We value your ability to think creatively; communicate clearly, succinctly and
constructively; and solve problems with simple and effective solutions. We recognize that a
unified and mutually supportive team is more effective than the sum of its parts. Therefore,
we're looking for people that are not only talented engineers, but that are also great people that
want to be a part of a unified team and share in our successes.
Required Technical Experience:
● Senior level Linux systems administrator, with extensive experience supporting both
production and development environments
● 5+ years experience with a configuration management system such as Chef, Puppet or
● 1+ years experience with an infrastructure definition tool such as Terraform for both bare
metal and cloud
● 3+ years experience with secure and scalable configuration of AWS services (ideally
based upon AWS well architected framework)
● 1+ years experience with automating and maintaining a CI/CD pipeline for software
development teams and infrastructure as code
● 5+ years supporting different database types (RDBMS, Key Value Store, Graph)
● 5+ years experience managing web applications (LEMP stack preferred)
Required Technical Skills/Knowledge
● Strong understanding of host and network security controls and experience with
automated configuration and management of those controls
● Proficient in automated configuration of cloud services exposed via APIs (such as AWS,
New Relic, Cloudflare, GitHub, etc)
● Proficient in Bash
● Proficient scripting in Ruby and/or Python (depending on your config mgmt tool
● When troubleshooting, have the ability and strong desire to identify root causes, not just
address symptoms, and be able to succinctly prove and document your conclusions
● Proficient in network troubleshooting at server and network devices using common tools
● Proficient in application performance profiling of CPU, memory, storage and network
Preferred Experience
● Deploying, managing and troubleshooting distributed systems and micro services
● Continuous deployment of infrastructure as code
● Managing the people side of change management (notifying customers, helping people
understand and adopt new systems, making changes as unobtrusive as possible, etc)
● Managing big data services in AWS such as EMR, Elastic Search and Athena
● Deploying and managing containers in development and production
● Deploying and managing the components of orchestration and dynamic infrastructure
systems such as Kubernetes, Vault, Consul, etc
● Our code base is almost entirely PHP, therefore some PHP programming experience
and experience supporting PHP developers is a definite asset
Being an Effective Member of the Team
● Communicate clearly, succinctly, honestly and constructively
● Be self-motivated and able to plan and organize your time to work effectively without
supervision and within time constraints
● In the absence of clear or unambiguous requirements, be able to make intelligent
decisions based on our shared list of simple rules and your understanding of our
● Write clean, readable, well documented infrastructure code that you would be happy to
work on if it were someone else's code
● Ensure adequate testing of changes and always have a quick roll back plan
● Be able to work within a team to conceptualize, design, develop, and maintain scalable,
fault tolerant, dependable and trustworthy systems
● Must provide a police background check
Provide resume when showing interest.
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