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I.T. Support Engineer / Consultant - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: San diego
Date: 03 Oct 2017
Category: Systems / Network

Fee: $65 to $75 / hour to start (higher fees depend on client contract and support needed)


Labor categories needed:
• Information Technology (I.T.) Engineer / Consultant

Looking for the Best of the Best - Immediately.

Independent individual contractor (1099) position(s) - part time contract work for pending and future on-going projects utilizing your own office environment for remote client support - wherever you are. We work as a virtual team and align with individual contractors on defined projects. We provide excellence to our clients - our team operates at a high level of professional quality, integrity, and performance.

18 year old San Diego based company - We get the clients and do all overhead admin and project management tasks - one of our project managers oversees all projects and provides guidance and oversight. All you have to do is focus on the support tasks that you take on - so you spend time on what you love to do!


• This is an ongoing contract position (1099), NOT a W-2 (employee) position.

• This is only for contractors within the United States, in San Diego, CA. We support U.S. jobs and economy. Any applicants from outside San Diego, CA will be deleted without response.

• This is only for INDIVIDUAL 1099 contractors, it is NOT for companies - applications from companies will be deleted without response.

NOTE - Submission requirements: please submit an email addressing ALL required items. Any application without ALL items will be disqualified and no response provided. This is to save you and us time and effort.

Checklist for your response:
• Contact information - name, email, phone.
• Hourly fees.
• Resume
• Do you satisfy ALL of the Required qualifications? If yes, provide details & your resume.
• Do you satisfy any of the Additional qualifications? If yes, provide details.


• Highest integrity and honesty.
• Commitment to excellence and professionalism.
• Willing to work under supervision / direction of our Project Manager and/or client, as necessary.
• Remote support capable - via remote login to client office environments.
• Onsite support capable - at client office environments.
• Excellent working knowledge in MS small business and Exchange server networking, MS Office 365, Cloud based solutions, internal server based solutions, PC support and troubleshooting, printer setup and troubleshooting, MS software setup and troubleshooting, email configuration, virus and similar security software, I.T. environment security best practices, and other similar small business office needs with offices of 5 to 20 computers.
• 5+ years experience in networking and server technologies.
• 2+ years experience implementing defined I.T. policies and procedures best practices. (These are typically defined within the I.T. industry, approved by the client, and implemented by the I.T. team.)
• 2+ years experience as independent contractor.
• 5 or more clients served currently or in the recent past.
• Ongoing training and learning effort to keep up on current and new I.T. technologies and methods.
• Available during some day time hours (9am to 5pm PST).
• Available on-call as negotiated and/or needed.
• Own a stable professional technology suite and transportation to fulfill projects: MS Word or equivalent, telephone, voice mail, computer, email, high speed Internet access, firewall/password protected system and files, car or similar vehicle.
• Emotional and professional maturity to be able to fulfill aggressive schedules, stay within budget, and communicate well with project manager and clients.
• Willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement for protection of proprietary or confidential information.
• U.S.A. citizen.
• Speak fluent English with no or very minimal accent.
• Reside within San Diego County with the ability to travel to client locations within San Diego County.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS (nice to have, but not required):

• I.T. policies and procedures (best practices) advising and guidance.
• MS Certified Engineer.
• APlus Certified.
• Other I.T. certifications.
• Speak fluent Spanish.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!
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