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Electrical engineer needed for start-up - internet engineering - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 09 Sep 2017
Category: Internet Engineers


I am looking to recruit an electrical engineer to launch a new company.

I have developed an invention that solves a specific set of emerging problems in the IoT space. It is based on a digital camera. I have a functional spec and algortihms, but I need an engineer to help me take that functional spec and create a prototype. I can code reasonably well, but I don't know how to design electronics, and the prototype will require a digital camera to be integrated with several other components.

In exchange for this effort, I will give significant equity in the company and shared authorship on the patent.

About me, I am a 43 y.o. Wharton MBA who leads a division within one of the world's largest companies. However, they do not operate in this area, so I see a need to take this independently.

I have a fairly large network of friends within the private equity and VC space. The space that this invention will occupy is very hot now. I am confident that with a basic prototype, we can raise significant funds.

I realize sweat equity is not the most attractive sales pitch. I can understand any initial skepticism, and this is really an opportunity for someone willing to take a flyer. But your risk is limited as there is no work until I pitch you on the idea. You will either find its value self-evident and you will want to be involved or you'll think it's nonsensical and we can part genially.

I don't think the prototype will take the long to develop. I imagine if you know what you are doing with electronics design, it could be done in a few weeks top. The coding and server side, which I will handle, will take a bit longer.

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