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Jr. Data Engineer for ground-level startup (intern / part time) - internet engineering - job employment

City: Austin
Date: 07 Sep 2017
Category: Internet Engineers

Looking to bring on a Jr Data Engineer to work directly with our CTO and chief data scientist. You'll be responsible for taking our initial data models and building them into a robust and flexible predictive analytics engine. Opportunity for long-term hire possible pending performance. Compensation to be negotiated on either hourly or overall contract basis.

* strong Python, R and/or Scala programmer
* can wrangle data in dataframes, numpy matrices
* comfortable with pandas, scikit-learn (or equivalent in R or scala)
* excited by / experience with predictive modeling (ARIMA, Stan, FB Prophet)
* comfortable integrating work into web framework (Django, Cherrypy, etc.)
* comfortable working both under the hood and presenting results
* works independently and contributes to high level product roadmap (we use Trello not Jira)

At HayStack ABI, we're automating KPI analysis and reporting so your team can stop digging through data and start solving problems.
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