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Finance Manager Part Time, Small Company - accounting / finance - job employment

City: Boston
Date: 05 Aug 2017
Category: Accounting & Finance

Finance Manager Part Time

Seeking financial manager for small company- about 20 hours per month. Work from any location.

Need candidate to handle all financial elements of small business.
Your job is to alleviate the owner from involvement in routine financial issues.

You must be computer savvy as everything is computerized and automated.
You must be familiar with all of the tasks below or be able to figure-it-out. All processes are recorded on training videos and that will be your learning tools.

For example, you should easily be able to:

• Download and install software on your PC and train yourself to use it
• Use intermediate features in Excel such as vlookup
• Contact our credit card processor and dig to the bottom of an issue to get is resolved
There is no hand-holding and we seek a candidate who owns the position and simply "gets it done."

Candidate needs to be at a PC during work hours (e.g. 9-6 eastern) to respond to client inquiries about their account. Since everything is automated, you receive maybe five inquiries a week but we strive to respond as quickly as possible.

It is fine that you manage affairs of other clients simultaneously as our needs consume very little time during your day but the requirement is that you can respond to items in two hours and that is why we need a candidate who is regularly at a PC during business hours.

If you are away from a PC a day a week, this position will not work.


Of critical importance is that you be computer savvy:
• You can download software and install it on your PC
• You can find solutions to issues on the Internet, if needed
• You can easily navigate any Internet portal of credit card companies such as or American Express
• Know how to take PC screen shots and make screen videos
• Know how to use screen sharing software
• Know how to use screen recording software

We seek a financial manager who currently has other telecommuting clients as you need to be at a PC all day to handle emails that arrive sporadically - some days you get none, other days you may get 2-3.

Since you will be working on your own, you must be a self-learner and a fast learner. If you do not consider yourself smart, please do not apply. You will not have "a boss" who tells you what to do. Rather, you are given responsibilities and you will self-manage and be accountable for completed work.


Maintain Quickbooks
--Only needs to be updated once per month - download and import transactions from bank and credit card and classify every transaction properly
--reconcile bank and credit card registers monthly
Estimated time: 4 hours per month

Manually charge credit cards when needed. Our credit card charge process is automated but sometimes a glitch requires logging into credit card account and processing manual charge- maybe twice per month
Estimated time: 1 hour per month

Check credit request for validity- Logging into our main software application (custom software) at least three times per week and approve lead credit requests.
Estimated time: 5 hours per month

Emailing with clients (maybe 5 per month) when they inquire about a billing issue
3 hours per month

Updating client credit cards in our software
1 hour per month

Sending out 1099 forms annually
3 hours per year

The above requires about 20 hours per month.
Compensation is $500 per month for above

Additional responsibilities with additional compensation:

Respond to credit card chargebacks. You get 15% of amount recovered. We already have templates prepared. About once per week, a customer charges back the amount we have charged their credit card. You will need to respond to chargeback by completing a short form supplied by the credit card company. You can copy the response 99% of the time from a previous response and simply update for current customer's information.
Average response take 30-60 minutes to prepare.
There are an average of 4 per month.
Depending on amount that customer is refuting, you receive $26 to $260 monthly (15% of amount retained)

In your response for this position, please explain
o your current business
o the other types of clients you have
o If you have any experience with credit card processing or chargebacks
o whether you are in your office/home office during the day and your current hourly workload per week.

We need 3 references.
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