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BITCOIN Cryptocurrency trading company, we train, Bring Clients! - internet engineering - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 04 Aug 2017
Category: Internet Engineers

TCC trading.

We represent a licensed day trading company. The company trades Bitcoin and other currencies. Our clients earn approx. 1% on average per day Monday through Friday. If they have $100 in their trading account they will earn $1 that day. If they have $10,000 they earn $100 that day. Contract term for software use is 8-12 months

We have never lost a single day of trading. Our average return is about 1% per day.

You would be teaching people about Bitcoin and how it works, taking in new money for us to trade on the behalf of our clients. When you subtract fees, our clients will earn on average 250% on their Bitcoin in a year. (more if they compound their earnings) Of course we can't legally guarantee the returns but the digital coin values are very volatile and our software is second to none. We can handle millions of trades in a single second using super computers. The company goal is to be the E-Trade of digital money.

Bitcoin has been increasing in value and will continue to do so. With that in mind the annual profit for our clients could be several times the 250%

You can work from home making phone calls, work through social media and other lead sources. Set your own hours. Get paid residual based on continued reinvestments and trading your own commissions if you choose. The software we use is cloud based, no special hardware is needed

The opportunity is incredibly lucrative, we have sales people who earn more than $10,000 per day. You get paid what you are worth and we have such an attractive service it becomes an easy sale once you can explain how it works. Many customers start with a small investment, maybe $500 or so, and then they increase once they see the returns.

So what am I doing? I'm looking for someone like me who can spot an opportunity and run with it. I currently earn $1500-$10000 a day and If I quit today, I still will earn the same. If train and help a few people accomplish what I have accomplished, I will boost my potential earnings by up to 400% .

That's why I am posting an ad and that is why I am requesting a resume because I don't want to waste time on the phone with unqualified people. What is unqualified? Not motivated, doesn't love the big money, closed minded to the changes technology creates and willing to take the opportunity to capitalize on those changes. I am looking for the guy or girl who would buy or bought stock in Google before they launched. The person who would have lent Bill Gates $2,000 to start Microsoft.

The writing is on the wall Bitcoin is the biggest technology disruption in history....

If you feel inspired please send your resume or CV and we will get back to you.

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