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Tier 1 Technical Support - technical support - job employment

City: Kansas city
Date: 03 Aug 2017
Category: Technical Support

Tier 1 Technical Support (Kansas City)
compensation: Hourly + Per Ticket (See Posting for Details)
employment type: contract
telecommuting okay
Contracted Telephone Based Support Technician(s) Needed

***Immediate Openings***

Support technicians will assist users by telephone to diagnose and correct network and configuration issues which will then allow them to connect to the facilities wireless and wired networks.

Position will be on a 1099 contract basis. Individuals (Sole Proprietors) or organizations who can meet the following requirements are invited to submit proposals and / or resumes for consideration.

Support techs may work from their remote workplace. We operate 24x7x365 and need contractor(s) which have the ability to schedule themselves or their staff to work various shifts. Hours will include days, evenings, weekends and holidays.

We are currently looking to fill some or all of the following shifts to augment our existing support staff:

Current Shift Openings (CST)
Weekdays: 5:00pm to Midnight
Weekends: 8:00am to 5:00pm, 5:00pm to Midnight, Midnight to 8:00am
*Ability to cover additional shifts very beneficial.

Minimum Resources needed:
Reliable High Speed Internet Connection
Reliable Computer
Network able to utilize our VOIP PBX System (Phone's will be provided if required.)
Relatively Noise Free Work Area
Support Calls will have a maximum 59 second SLA. (Meaning calls need to be answered within 60 seconds)
*Note - it is our expectation that the majority of support calls are answered in under 25 seconds. **We understand that in some cases que times may be longer depending on call volume.

Minimum Skills needed:
Must be able to type ticket notes and talk on the phone at the same time.
Must be able to understand most people who speak with an accent.
Must be able to give clear, accurate and concise instructions.
MUST know how to locate the IP Address and MAC Address in All Operating Systems (Please don't apply if you can't do this.)
MUST know the basic functionality of networking equipment such as switches, power over Ethernet switches, wireless access points, routers, modems, etc
Ability to perform Layer 2 troubleshooting remotely.

Our ticketing system must be used for documenting support calls.
Our VOIP system must be used for receiving and placing calls.
A connection to our VPN will be required to support our customers.
Training in the use of our ticketing system, phone system and networking hardware will be provided.

Work for your other customers and / or personal activities may be conducted at the same time provided our support calls are prioritized to meet SLA requirements and service level expectations.

Anticipated Peak call volume for an 8 hour period 12 calls. (may be much less depending on time of day. On occasion call volume may be more.)

Average call duration is 6 minutes. Again, sometimes much more or much less but averages out to 6 mins..

Contract Compensation:

Paid Weekly by Direct Deposit.

Guaranteed $5.00 per hour just to be logged in for support que even if no calls. You can work on other jobs, do schoolwork, play video long as calls get answered promptly when they come in and you have a noise free work environment while on calls.


$5.00 per ticket, whichever is more, but not to exceed $15.00 per hour.

Example contract payment for an 8 hour shift as follows:

8 Hours with 0 Tickets = $40.00

8 Hours with up to 5 Tickets = $40.00 then add $5.00 per additional ticket up to a max of $120.00 for this 8 hour shift.
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