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Basic Design Skills for Product Image Creation (ongoing work) - art/media/design

City: Vancouver
Date: 02 Aug 2017
Category: Art / Media / Design


I am the owner of a lawn and garden website and I have a need for someone to create images for me for my articles. This would be ongoing work for the right person. You can work from home on your own schedule. I'm very flexible. The work is fairly straightforward but I do need someone who possesses : Good Photoshop skills, ability to think critically, solid judgement. background in design, good English, strong attention to detail, professional and reliable (to name a few).

Basically, I require someone who can find product images from the manufacturer and layout key features for each product on the image itself to inform readers and provide important details about the product. Please look at the attached images to see exactly what I mean.

I'm looking for someone who can mimic my current style (bold, clear, & concise). If you find it difficult to mimic what I have then you are not the right person for this work. It's basic work but requires an eye for detail and layout skills. I'm not looking for someone to simply throw text on an image. I need someone who can make thoughtful decisions to create finished images that I can use on my site.

Accuracy and attention to detail is essential. Also, the ability to lay out information in an attractive (subjective, I know) manner is important.

Ideally, you have experience with Wordpress and writing/editing as this position could grow depending on your abilities and interest but it's not essential if you're just interested in creating images.

I will pay $10 per image. I may require 15 to 45 images per week. It really depends. Generally, I will give you a list of products for articles and then I require that you find high quality manufacturer images and create 2 to 4 images per product. Once the first product image is done, I typically use the same information with the other images (for the specific product) and simply move the information around so it compliments the images. Sometimes I remove or add some information depending on the available space and what the image(s) is.

You will be responsible for looking up the details/features of the product and deciding which information to include.

Think of the information as modular pieces (like Tetris) that can be moved around and pieced together for each image.

I have been creating all of the images myself and have made thousands for this site so I understand the requirements for this work completely. I need someone to help me now as I don't have the time anymore, so it's essential that you can work independently and can think critically about each image. It's not difficult but it does require skill and common sense.

The pixel width for each image is 740 pixels (Height will vary depending on image).

Please contact me if you're interested and have the ability to do this type of work. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. I will send a link to my site so you can better understand the nature of the work. Add the word "Journal" in the subject of the email so I know you read this entire post. If not, then you will be ignored.

I really need someone who notices the details and can create finished images with minimal input. Once you understand the quality standard I require I expect that you can maintain that standard without further input from me. So, I need someone who takes pride in their work.

Please, send me a link to your current portfolio or send me a few images of your work. All images must be created in Photoshop.

Thank-you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
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