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Media Manager for Public Figure, Entertainer, Transgender Activist - art / media / design - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 02 Aug 2017
Category: Art / Media / Design

Job: Social Media Manager for Public Figure, Entertainer, Transgender Activist

-Management of Social Media public channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories
-Strategize and post all social posts pertaining to event schedule, projects, brand, related current events, partnerships, and other requests.
-Post on behalf/ communicate all posts in the first person voice of client by maintaining existing social voice
-Engage with fans, partners, and other individuals per request (excluding social platform messages i.e FB messenger)
-Tag all venues, partners, individuals connected to particular post
-Provide expertise guidance and recommendations for branding, style and post types
-Liaise with personal assistant and brand partners per request for content
-Collect press and other public forum mentions of client for social sharing
-Be able to filter, enhance media images/videos through social media platforms and other apps
-Overall to provide information, like-ability and awareness of all things pertaining to client's brand
-Being LGBT (or LGBT-friendly) with a strong knowledge of Drag Queens is required.
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