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Digital Marketing Start Up Looking for Self-Motivators - internet engineering - job employment

City: Orange county
Date: 26 Jul 2017
Category: Internet Engineers

If you feel like you are never given the opportunity to show your true value in a company then this might be the job for you.

This Orange County Digital Marketing firm is looking for motivated, intelligent self-starters who look forward to the idea of working in an environment that rewards its employees for "Above and Beyond" behavior.

Who we are- A rapidly growing company that is exceeding forecasted results by 250-300%. We have been focusing on building a Local Based Marketing Platform that gives the Small Business Owner a chance to succeed online. Both my partner and I worked at larger SEO firms and know all too well how the Local Business Owner struggles to not only try to keep up with the fast-paced environment that is Search Marketing, but also where to put their limited marketing budget even if they do understand.
Well, we did it. We developed an affordable platform that gives local business owners a significant amount of quality marketing necessities, and the starting packages are around $500 a month to start. For those of you who are salespeople or online specialists who have been doing this for a while, you'll know that $500 will barely get you anything from a quality vendor. And lower tier SEO companies are the absolute worst, they just take the money until you cancel.

Our packages include brand new websites, brand new Mobile Apps , Local SEO, Social Media Management, Reputation Monitoring, Review Development, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Video, Automation, Conversion Optimization....and we are just getting started.

So that is why we are reaching out and trying to find the right person(s) to jump right into a startup at the tail end of development and help us with any number of assignments, we will use the strengths you have and you can learn a ton about digital marketing along the way.
We are also looking for a few local salespersons who either have a book of clients they know who would love this program or are natural phone jockeys who would kill to have a good product to sell. Although our agency has channel partners to sell our products as well, we're looking for a small core of people who can work not just with our small local product but have the capacity for learning about our boutique side and work with our large house accounts.

We are straight shooters who started this company to make sure we could be part of something honest and effective, and that puts the clients and employees first. We want to develop an ecosystem in which no one will want to ever leave their job. That being said we have already had our taste of fakers who did not last long.

Who you should not be- We are still in that sweet spot of development in which we are cautious with our budget until we can stabilize our growth, so we are not able to entertain the high salaries that seasoned Digital Marketing gunslingers who know their worth and are ready for that consistent and predictable work day have. So, if that is you, we won't be a good fit today, but try us in 6-9 months. We also do not accept drama, laziness, malice, arrogance or any other sort of negative behavior that is more self-serving than community serving. If you generally are the type of person that counts the hours before a break or gets jealous when others succeed, we will not be a good fit. If you like to gossip you will not be a good fit.

Who you should be- the type of hard working individual who believes that if they just had the chance, they would fight tooth and nail to be part of a growing company that had endless potential, in which they could be a participant in the story it was created in. You are a plug and play thinker, who can learn quickly and more importantly, analyze and continually search for better ways to accomplish anything that they come across. You are not intimidated by the inevitable days of fast paced work and unpredictability that occur at a startup; in fact you look forward to coming up with ideas to make things more efficient, relish in your capabilities to figure out how to help without being asked or trained to do so, and are excited to learn something new your first day. If you enjoy going above and beyond what is asked of you and look at your work schedule as the minimum instead of the maximum, you are part of our tribe as you want the high pay rewards based on this type of sacrifice.

We are looking for somebody who can start right away and for people who can start In a few weeks. Please indicate which one you are when you send in your resume. We will be interviewing both but obviously, have a priority need to fill. Since we expect to keep on pace at the rate we are growing, you can rest assured we will call all exciting prospects in the following weeks to come, as we expect hiring to be a continual process for the next 6 months.

You should be significantly skilled or experienced in at least 2 of the following descriptions:

-Proposal and Presentation creation. Will know how to use PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and the Google Suite versions of the same programs.
-Is creative and can build charts and infographics for said proposals in a short time utilizing programs ranging from Canva to Photoshop.
-Attend meetings, take meeting notes & send them out immediately. Take action items down & distribute. Follow up on Action Items and deliver updates twice a day as to tasks and where they are at with them.
-Google Research capabilities- Keyword research, competitive analysis, data mining. Able to handle communications and manage general office needs. Also manage outreach files (including setting up and maintaining online files in Google Drive, Dropbox or similar systems).
-Executive Assistant Role Requirements- Schedule and calendar handling, client coordination, email follow up, letter drafting, research of any kind, and figuring out how to help your executive be more efficient. You have the capability of taking things off their plate without needing to be completely trained by anyone, and in some cases anticipating their needs before they even need them. (Bonus if you are familiar with SEO and proposal writing).
-Familiar with online data tools for looking at search rankings and other data metrics that clients use to examine the success of their online marketing campaigns. (like Google Analytics, Search Console, Sem Rush, Moz etc.)
-Creative writing or concept development- this person would be able to read 3-4 articles about a new subject, understand it, and then rewrite their own interpretation of that information in a creative and informative way. They would have no problem with blog or social media posts. They would have strong writing skills, with correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and tone are a must to be able to copy-edit a wide range of writing.
-Website or App development. Does not need to know complicated HTML but should know WordPress and Slider development well. Should feel comfortable managing a team of 3-4 web developers.
-Social Media Experience -knowing the tools of the trade to produce content and distribute efficiently with the least amount of stress
-Graphic Design- a creator of many things. this can include Adobe based products like Photoshop and After Effects. We are creating a ton of videos.
-Experience with any CRM or CMS system like Salesforce, Zoho, Trello, Basecamp, etc. Does not mind data entry

These are great positions for any energetic, hardworking individual who have strong skills and want to expand upon them, especially relating to marketing, sales, branding, and conversion. You are somebody who wants to put their strength in organizing into play, and who is passionate about learning more about how the internet works, in turn making them a more valuable employee for ours, or any future organization they go to.

How to apply & what else to know

To apply for this position, apply through this page. Please provide a resume, from which we can clearly see your career progression, and submit a cover letter per the directions in the job post. We will accept videos, infographics, or any other form of "getting to know you" as accompaniments to your letter resume but not as replacements of. Even if you don't have a lot of work experience but you have skills in the above-mentioned criteria, we are very interested.

If you are selected for consideration based on your written application, please be prepared for a two to three step interview process that may involve a small writing/research assignment before the final interview. This is a critical time for our company and we want to make sure we select candidates who can succeed spectacularly and can prove the first day that they are willing to go the extra mile.

Lastly, although we have spoken repeatedly about sacrifice here, we do so with the understanding that with sacrifice comes reward. We believe firmly in the potential of this product, and the 3-4 other products that we will also begin selling shortly, and know that the individuals who sacrificed in the beginning will have a secure and overpaid position for as long as they want.

We look forward to meeting you.

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