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Seeking Master special effects motion graphics web designers - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 25 Jul 2017
Category: Web / Info Design

We would appreciate any help in finding a graphic designer who, at the minimum, is comfortable creating a complex website with motion graphics (see e.g. tutorial samples and and multi-D special effects.

We are a new non-profit organization providing Zen training, including through seminar series. Our launching site should embody the highest level of vision, creativity and technical mastery that will inspire and demonstrate. Seeking amazing, spectacular, astounding, a visionary who can eat and sleep with the Project with us for the next coming weeks. Specific logo concept, stock videos, copy content have been developed and are in need of execution by a master artist. There's also a music album with shakuhachi, taiko drums and chants that we would like to include in the website, as well as seminars to be recorded and integrated later on.

We have been looking at the tutorials for possibilities with motion graphics and fluid expressions and transitions tying together the themes of the sections and the entire site. Another website we have looked at is After looking at the sites and speaking to web designers, it appears that the job description may be artists with special effects and animation skills experienced with interactive website design, with vision.

Please send me a link to your portfolio and indication of level of skill and interest and compensation requirements. Please contact me by email or text for further details. The Project is deadline-sensitive, please respond ASAP if interested. Thank you!

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