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Advanced WordPress Dev, SEO help, Amazing Designer & Project Manager - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Minneapolis / st paul
Date: 25 Jul 2017
Category: Web / Info Design

New WP Developer:

The person we are looking for is very familiar with PHP and knows WordPress in and out (including plugins and themes). You live and breathe object-oriented programming, and know spaghetti code when you see it. We want someone who can follow the WordPress code standards and is able to use Git to version their code. Regular CSS is boring, so we would be looking for someone familiar with SASS for CSS pre-processing.

The ideal person would be someone who knows when to use vector graphics and when to use images, and how to keep your code lean, fast, and optimized for all types of devices. Designing "mobile first" is a must, and we heavily lean on Google PageSpeed as well as other tools to ensure that we are creating compliant and fast sites.

As far as other general working skills, we work in a very agile environment, so switching between different projects is not uncommon. Communication is key, and we are looking for someone who can communicate with the team on a regular basis.

Finally, anyone with experience with WordPress hosting solutions like WP Engine are even better.

Amazing Designer:

We are known to design some of the most unique and beautiful websites in the industry! To give you a hint we work within an Aesthetic niche. It would be FANTASTIC if we could find a new designer that doesn't need to be inspired or coached but rather someone that was born with a talent that speaks for itself. If you feel like you are an undiscovered talent or a discovered talent who needs a new home then give us a shout! I can't wait to see what you've done recently!

SEO help:

We were built on SEO and pretty much every website we build comes with a long term SEO contract attached so we need experienced SEO help to grow with us now that we are expanding our Dev Team. I'm not going to list every little thing our new SEO should bring in their toolbox but be ready to talk shop with pros that have been in the business for over 17 years.

This SEO job will start out part-time until you have made yourself invaluable or the pipeline catches up with our man power.

Project Manager:

Because we are growing it only makes sense that we will need someone with at least 3 years experience managing advanced website builds with ongoing SEO maintenance. There will be an option for salary and commission should you help bring in new business.

This person will have exceptional communication skills to match their ability to manage a team and keep the client satisfied at all times. Luckily for you we don't take on "time bandits" or otherwise unsavory clients so you should have it pretty easy in the end!

Finally you should know your way around Slack, BaseCamp and be a fabulous communicator!

All applicants should be from Minnesota or near it's border incase we decide to bring you into an office down the road.
Please reply to Nick and for Developers / Designers please send links to your best work and most recent work.
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