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Financial Services/VP In Training/ $100K+

City: Denver
Date: 19 May 2017
Category: Accounting & Finance

Do you like people? Do you like helping people? We are looking for entrepreneurial, self-motivated individuals, who have a service mentality for our clients. You should enjoy working in teams, have positive energy, and possess intellectual humility.

Five Rings Financial needs 3-4 seasoned professionals interested in a fast track evolution to a leadership position within our agency. This individual is humble, hungry, and smart. They are accustomed to leading by example, a self-starter, and capable of motivating others. You will work daily with our Senior VP in the Denver Metro Area to build a client base and/or your own agency within 12-18 months.

In America, we go to school for 12-16 years to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic; but we never learn about "How Money Works"! For 30 years, Five Rings Financial has been teaching Americans how to "refinance their finances", find hidden savings, and then apply strategies to create guaranteed growth and preservation of wealth. We specialize in 401(k) and IRA rollovers, building private pensions, and protecting our client's from the financial expenses of major illness. We build retirement accounts that GUARANTEE our clients will not lose money but receive an average of 6-7% per year.

Five Rings started 13 years ago in Colorado, and is now operating in 45 states. We have grown from a $20M sales organization in 2012, to $30M in 2014, to $40M in 2016, and are looking to hit $100M by 2020.

Learn To Earn:
* Apprentice / Mentor training model
* Become a leader / Attend national conferences
* Training Sessions / 48 weeks per year
* World wide / All expenses paid / Incentive trips

Average Annual Income:
* Full-Time Associates = $75,000
* Top 10% Associates = $225,000

This is not a corporate job but an entrepreneurial opportunity with the freedom to work a schedule that fits your life. The ability to work for yourself, not by yourself. You have a coach, not a boss!

If you are interested, please respond with an e-mail or call our Senior VP in the Denver Metro Area - Brett Zachman @ (720) 320-7991 to schedule an interview.
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