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Two time serial entrepreneur - need skilled solder'er and PCB designer

City: Los angeles
Date: 19 May 2017
Category: Skilled Trade / Craft

I'm a two time entrepreneur who's successfully built and sold multiple internet/web companies. My new project is a consumer device that requires a number of internal electronics.

I'm looking for someone with preferably both, but at least one of the following skills. We have these skills internally but are not experts at them, and have decided to hire someone.

1. Ability to professionally solder components together quickly as we iterate on the prototype. All soldering is currently through-hole and that is all that is required, but, if you are good enough to do SMD you will stand out from everyone else.

2. Ability to use eagle to create PCB boards that take into account electrical decoupling and interference, radio frequency decoupling, and other standard PCB best practice design requirements.

We'd like to find one person with both skills, but are willing bring on two people if we find good people with just one of the above skills. This would start as a part time position with very flexible work hours (happy to find someone who wants to moonlight and make some extra money to start), and initially be paid hourly at a very fair market rate. We are a growing company and for the right person this could turn into a full time position with equity incentives.

High quality soldering/reheating station will be provided unless you'd like to use your own tools. The right candidate will be able to make it to Hermosa Beach at least once a week, but the soldering does not need to take place onsite at our office.
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