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Seeking Freelance Transcriptionists for current Jewish History Project

City: New york city
Date: 19 May 2017
Category: Writing / Editing

The Audio Transcription Center (ATC) is seeking freelance transcriptionists across the US to work primarily on one of our high-volume short-term projects. (Please respond quickly as this project may be wrapping up over the summer).

We are specifically seeking to work with people with backgrounds and/or knowledge of contemporary Jewish history. You don't necessarily have to know every single thing that is referenced, but having the context and the ability to do some informed online research will be necessary. Flawless verbatim transcription of the source material is of paramount importance.

We are looking for fast typists (minimum of 75 wpm), quick turnaround (generally within 24 hours or so for an hour-and-a-half-long file), ongoing and very high accuracy. Completed transcripts should be spell-checked and free of errors in formatting, punctuation, etc. Names and terms may need to be verified whenever possible via brief internet research. These transcripts will become part of a historical archive and need to be of high-quality verbatim to reflect that permanence. You will need strong language, style, and punctuation skills, and the ability and willingness to follow our in-house style manual as well as project-specific instructions.

How to apply:
Apply by email ONLY (no calls!). Include:
1) a current and up-to-date resume (PDF format only)
2) a relevant and thoughtful cover letter (PDF format only)
3) a screenshot of the results from a typing test that meet our minimum requirements (75 wpm with 98% accuracy): Go to and complete one of the three-minute typing tests. Take a screenshot and attach it to your application email (don't paste it into the body).
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