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Litigation firm seeks contract attorney

City: Austin
Date: 18 May 2017
Category: legal / paralegal

An established Austin litigation boutuque is looking for the right part-time lawyer to help with a recent influx of work. The position could become more full-time, if desired, depending on the fit and our work flow. We are open to considering someone with only 2 - 3 years of relevant experience, or someone who has worked longer, perhaps at a larger firm, who wants a change of pace. The position might work well for a mother who wanted to do a lot of the work from home, but it could be a fit for a variety of people who desire flexibility.

Pay will be hourly for hours worked that can be billed to clients. Due to the rates our clients have negotiated with us, we are looking for someone to start at $50 an hour, depending on experience. The good news is that we should have all the work you want available, so how many hours you work will be up to you. Payroll is twice monthly. We pay when you work the hours, not after we collect from the clients some 60 to 90 days later.

We have a nice, congenial group of lawyers and staff who have worked together for many years. The ideal candidate will be someone who is comfortable dealing with discovery and deadlines, can take and defend depositions, writes well and can help in drafting summary judgment motions -- and who can work efficiently within sometimes aggravating "billing guidelines" imposed by insurance company clients.

You will have solid support from two experienced legal assistantz who manage deadlines and help with e-filing, as well as guidance (but not micromanagement) from lawyers who know how these cases need to be handled to keep our clients happy. It is a team effort, not a situation where we throw work at a new lawyer and expect him or her to handle cases without assistance.

While we have no strict litmus test, some experience in insurance defense and/or defense of bad faith suits would be helpful, as would knowledge of medical issues that arise in uninsured/underinsured motorist cases. Solid academic credentials and research skills are desirable too, as we emphasize briefing and winning on the law when possible. That said, this is not a job for someone who only wants to do research and write briefs. What we need immediately is help in getting discovery out, answering discovery, going to depositions (mostly here in Austin), lining up experts and all the nuts and bolts of working up a case for trial or summary disposition.

Our primary need at the moment is on UM/UIM cases, as well as some property claims, many of which involve allegations that the insurer acted in bad faith and/or violated the Insurance Code for not immediately paying out its limits. Medical issues, medical billing records and discovery about those topics are involved in the auto cases. Our other cases are in a variety of commercial litigation areas, including real estate and construction cases, as well as breach of contract and fiduciary litigation. We handle appeals as well. You can help with these non-insurance cases too, if you want variety.

This job is not for someone applying for their first job, or for someone who expects the kind of pay you would get working 2500 hours a year at a law firm where partners bill out their time at $500-1000 an hour. We work mainly for insurance companies, who provide volume work in return for more lower rates.

Please do apply if you have credentials that fit with our needs, and want a flexible situation, plus a more informal work atmosphere than the big firms offer.

The job is well-suited for someone who wants to work mainly from home (although working in the office is certainly available), or for a refugee from big firm (or sweatshop) pressures. There will be very little if any travel required and we are accommodating about schedules, needing to pick up or be with children, or other personal obligations, as long as our clients' work gets done right and on time.

We will try to respond to all email inquiries but are too busy to field a wave of phone calls. We do not want inquiries from head-hunters, please. Thank you for considering our firm.
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