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IT Support Specialist - Telecommuting & Freelance Role

City: Orange county
Date: 16 May 2017
Category: Technical Support

Global Media Desk, an on-demand media services agency dedicated to providing quality video production, film, photography and language services around the world, is looking for a freelance IT support specialist to join our team. This candidate will be specifically maintaining and improving Office 365 Outlook and CRM Dynamics for our organization. This is a telecommuting and freelance role.
Desired Experience:
Â¥ Office 365 expertise
Â¥ CRM (specifically Microsoft Dynamics)
Â¥ Experience supporting websites or portals
Â¥ Able to manage and maintain our dedicated web server and shared server
Â¥ Reliable, efficient, and hard-working
Â¥ On-call to troubleshoot and fix all issues as they arise
Â¥ Ability to make recommendations of new technologies that would help the company move forward as we continue to grow
Â¥ Design, develop, implement and coordinate systems, policies and procedures
Â¥ Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions


Â¥ Proven working experience or relevant experience
Â¥ Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/software systems for both MAC and PC
Â¥ Expertise in project implementations
Â¥ Ability to manage 3rd party vendors
Â¥ BS in Computer Science, MIS or similar field
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