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New, hip Fashion/Art Magazine seeks. co-editors. girl gang. interns

City: Los angeles
Date: 16 May 2017
Category: Art / Media / Design

Hi! We're a new indie fashion mag, currently operating solely out of the desire to create art and fashion art and poignant writing and put something cool out there into the world.

Looking for a few people to join the girl gang that is this magazine and brand that we will continue building. Males: feel free to e-mail as well if this aesthetic matches yours.

This is a part time endeavor as we have other creative jobs. Eventually, we will run print ads and charge $ to collab on events and etc.
Currently nearing 20K followers on Instagram now (after only 4 months!) with good engagement on posts and receiving submissions regularly.

What does this mean? Tons of photographers, models, writers, musicians, artists, stylists, agencies, are already willing to work with us and we just need more people managing/creating content, setting up cool photoshoots & interviews, helping throw parties with companies that have already agreed to sponsor alcohol/venue in both LA & NYC.

Seeking females who want to get involved and be a part of this from the ground up, have fun with it and make something cool.

Need help with:
-Setting up creative themed photo shoots. Reaching out to relevant agencies, stylists, MUA, photogs, etc. from the company email. You can be a part of these shoots for any shoots you want to be a part of!
-Setting up interviews. Having articles written. Reaching out to anyone you think would be neat to interview.
-Help updating website. Bonus if you know Wordpress.
-Throwing events. Partnering with relevant brands to throw fun parties.
-Help curating art content for the Instagram & website. Maintaining social media.
-Bonus if you're familiar with C-Heads, Cake, Sticks and Stones, Nakid, etc etc...

-If you're a stylist great- send your portfolio. Same with photographers & art directors and writers.

Interns: please specify relevant experience and what area you excel in. Looking for tech help as well as creative PA help.

Looking to build a team to create art, awesomeness, & to have fun while doing it. E-mail if this speaks to you....

NOTE: Feel free to e-mail also if you just want to be a contributor in the area of photo or writing.
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