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Ghostwriter needed for 60,000 word romance novel

City: Portland
Date: 16 May 2017
Category: Writing / Editing

Hello! I am seeking long-term business relationships with talented ghostwriters to produce 60,000-word bad boy romance novels. I provide an in depth (10,000+ word) plot outline, and I expect you to return a full 60,000+ word novel in 3 weeks or less.


- Must have Google Docs and PayPal.

- Must be willing to communicate via email with me every three days, to check in and turn in story so far/receive pay for work done. No check in, no pay. No excuses.

- Native English speaker ONLY with excellent grammar, prose, and grasp of story structure.

- Must be open to taking direction and constructive criticism.

- Regular reader of bestselling bad boy romance novels by authors such as: Sabrina Paige, Vanessa Waltz, Nicole Snow, BB Hamel, etc. MUST be willing and able to write SEX SCENES like you see in these books.

- Ability & willingness to write according to an outline, which will be provided at the
beginning of the project.

- 100% original, plagiarism-free work. Work will be thoroughly checked for originality, and I will not pay for plagiarized material.

- You agree that all rights to the work will be transferred to me upon payment, to publish
in any format, and in any manner I please. You may not distribute or republish the work in any way. Your name will not appear on the work. The only way you may re-use any portion of the work is in an OFFLINE, physical portfolio or in private communications when providing a writing sample to future clients. If you wish to use any portion of the work for any other purpose, you must obtain explicit, written permission from me first.

- You must deliver the final product within 21 days (3 weeks) of the project start date. Faster is even better.

- Late delivery/excuses of ANY KIND will not be tolerated.


• In your application, please answer the following questions:

- What type of ghostwriting projects have you completed in the past? (length, genre, timeframe, etc.)

- What is your previous experience/knowledge of the bad boy romance genre specifically?

- What is your word output per day and how confident are you that you can deliver a completed 60,000-word novel in the timeframe allowed?

- Do you have any questions for me that are not answered in this document?

- If I am interested in your application, I will ask you to write a 1,000-word sample scene to demonstrate your ability. I will provide an outline for you to work from. I will not publish your sample or use it in any way except to determine your eligibility for the job. I will pay you $20 to complete this sample work.
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