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Document and Enterprise Content Management

City: Seattle-tacoma
Date: 13 May 2017
Category: Systems / Network

FreeDoc is a leading provider for Laserfiche document and information management solutions. We are experiencing rapid growth in the deployment of enterprise Laserfiche solutions and have open positions in Western Washington for a Laserfiche Solutions Engineer. The successful person desires to use their talents, skills and abilities to serve on a team, with patience, common sense, strong character, and a desire for excellent work.

Minimum work requirements:
* Knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Excel
* Excellent verbal communications and listening skills

* Current experience with document, and or content management software programming

Applicants MUST:
* Admire good work
* Have excellent concentration and focus
* Enjoy a quiet, professional environment
* Complete cognitive testing, interviews and a pre-selection profile assessment
* Background check and drug testing is required prior to employment

* An IT career path
* Above-average compensation
* Long-term employment
* A rewarding work environment

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