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Part-Time Front-End Developer (React, JS, CSS, PHP)

City: Toronto
Date: 04 May 2017
Category: Internet Engineers

Front-End Web Developer

We're an established business that's looking for a second developer, to focus on front-end web development. You will be working on a medium-scale website that sees 15,000 visitors per month. You will work in a small creative team consisting of lead developer, graphic designer, copywriter and project manager.

You'll be tasked with implementing design mock-ups - you'll be working with .psd and .ai files. You'll need to pay detailed attention to typography, color, motion, and layout. In turn you can contribute to the design cycle - you've got a good understanding of UI patterns and what makes for a good user experience.

You have a strong knowledge of CSS level 2, including advanced selectors, media queries, the box model and flex, and you have experience writing device independent code to work around browser quirks. You know either SASS or LESS. You're up to the task of building out a responsive CSS framework geared to the company's specific needs.

You're a strong Javascript developer. You can write optimized code and you know how HTTP works. You know the DOM inside out. You're familiar with Node.js and npm, and you follow the latest ECMAScript standards. You know either React or another modern Javascript framework (we use React). You understand the importance of writing bug-free code in the context of front-end - ideally you can build a front-end test framework and get us up to 100% coverage.

Required skills:

- Strong CSS and Javascript
- Familiarity with React or similar front-end framework (Angular, Backbone, etc)
- Good grasp of graphic design concepts
- Basic Photoshop and Illustrator skills, ability to work on a pixel level

Preferred skills:

- LAMP dev-ops
- ImageMagick
- SEO Optimization

Must be:

- Comfortable working with interdisciplinary teams and receiving feedback
- Able to balance technical goals with business goals

This is remote work. Anywhere in the USA or Canada is OK with us. Our head office is in Los Angeles, CA. Communication will be by email, phone, and internal forum and bug tracker.

We estimate between 15-20 hours of work per week.

We're looking for someone to take the lead on our front-end, improving our existing codebase whilst developing new modules against tight deadlines. If this could be you, we want to hear from you!
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